Thursday, November 22, 2007

Why Don't People Make Things?

I've been wondering this for awhile. Why don't more people make stuff themselves? Growing up my Mom always sewed some of our clothes, most of our meals were from scratch, heck there was a time when money was really tight when Mom was actually making shampoo for the household. Don't ask me how she did I just know that she did. So now a days why are more people not making it their own damn selves? I figure I have the answer. Which wouldn't surprise Bill he figures I think I know everything, and he's right about It think it comes down to two things:

1) Cost. When we were kids, and my Mom would sew us clothes as it was cheaper for her to make us clothes than to buy them new. Now a days omg have you seen the price of fabric, and patterns? Even at Wal-Mart. I can find Jeremy a pair of pants new for $5 - $7 no way I can make it at that price.

2) Time. There are more couples where both people are working outside or inside the house. Even working inside the house you have certain hours that you have to be doing whatever your job is, and that leaves less time to do other things.

It's kind of sad as there was a time when knowing how to sew, knit, quilt and basic cooking were essential parts of knowing how to care for your family. I'm not even talking about Women HAVING to know this stuff at least someone had If you didn't know those things your family could have been in pretty dire straights. Now with all the modern conveniences that essential knowledge has turned into a luxury of if I had enough time to do it, and the money to spare I would.

For those of us that for example cross stitch we don't see it as a luxury, but an intricate part of our sanity. I know how grumpy and out of sorts I can become if I go to many days without my needle. Just my way of having control over a teeny tiny part of the universe...hmmmmm....could be. At least on the piece of fabric I'm working on everything is in order, all the cross lay the same way, a part of my house is neat (the backs of my fabric) and I can shut out anything I don't want to think about except what colour I'm going to use next, and do I have enough floss left to finish that row.

Wow pretty deep for a Thursday


Rachael said...

When I was younger I had hand me downs,Youngest of five and my sister being only 18 months older than me!But we did have a lot of clothes exactly the same!!It is cheaper to buy than to make, Jack had a full outfit for £5 ,I certainly could not make the same for that! I think if I had to stitch I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much!!

Stephy said...

Haha I'm so craftyinclined I'd end up sewing my hand to stuff LOL!