Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stacey Shut The F***K Up

So for the past three weeks I've been having to listen to my co-worker belly ache about her hours. There is one full-time teller, and the rest of us are to be there about 18 hours. Now in a perfect world where no one takes vacations, get sick or needs operations that would happen. I've been working 18+ hours at the bank since summer, and this b*tch who has been with the bank for less than three months is complaining about HER hours. So you can imagine how happy she was with me when I gave my two weeks notice. So all of last week she was saying to me 'Stacey have you SEEN what you did to me in December?' She's all bitchy, because with me gone she has to work even more hours. I said no I hadn't seen the December schedule. She asks if I wanted to see it. I said nope and walked away. Sorry but bite me. I'm not going to stay at a place where the stress of working there gives me hives, I have bad dreams about it and the customers treat us horribly. I'm not going to put up with that sh*t, because she thinks she's getting more hours than she wants. So Friday night just before closing (we stay open until 6pm on Fridays) she starts belly aching AGAIN. Now she's moved on to how she's the ONLY one that works until 6:15pm every Friday. Going on and on about it. Our boss leaves at 5:30pm, and she's yapping at her as she walks out the door 'why do you get to leave early?' She then turns to me, and says it's not fair. My response was 'I don't feel sorry for you, we've all been there.' So she left pretty pissed Friday as she didn't get the oh poor you sympathy she felt she deserved. So I just brushed it off until Sunday night. I'm looking at the November schedule and started counting. Um guess who worked until 6:15pm the most in November that would be me. Guess who worked the most until closing in general in November? Again that would be me. I didn't keep the October schedule, but I have my hours written down, and yes in October I only worked until 6:15pm on Fridays twice, but my boss would have done that as I would have worked until 6:15pm most of August, and all of September as we were short staffed. So yeah my boss would have been trying to make things fair for me. Like I was telling this B*tch suck it up as one month you'll work more late shifts and then the next month not as many. So yeah I agree with the B*tch it should be fair. I wish I had as many days off as she has, as many short shifts as she has, oh yeah and long weekends she needs to share having the Monday off after the long weekend too. Now I wish I said those things to her Friday, but I didn't. All I did say is I didn't feel sorry for her. Honestly I don't, and not sure what she wanted me to do about it. I don't control the schedule. So I wasn't very surprised when I went to work yesterday, and she didn't show up. What did surprise me was to hear she probably won't be there today, and may not be there next week. So a teeny tiny part of me wonders if I faked sympathy for her oh so horrible plight (scarasam) would she have been there yesterday? I do feel a tad bit of guilt as they would be short staffed when I leave to begin with, and if I had any doing for this B*tch bailing on them I'd feel really bad as I like the people I work with. The job itself just wasn't for me. Maybe in future I just need to keep my big mouth shut.

Stitching News
Worked on RR Chatelaine yesterday. Thinking I should stitch a little something as a Christmas Ornie for myself.


Rachael said...

Oh dear..at least you'll be in your new job soon!!

Stacey said...

Yeah I hear ya. I don't need the drama I can create enough of that on my own lol ;)