Friday, November 30, 2007

Last Day of Challenge

Well today is the last day of the blogging challenge. I made it posted something once a day. I probably bored a lot of people Guess we will find out who the winners are.

Well here is kiddo this morning. He always wants his pic taken when I'm taking updates of Do you think he's cold?
i'm cold

Stitching News
Other than finishing an ornie I did no stitching last night. Here is the pic of the ornie. Please don't look to closely at the finishing as it isn't perfect, but I think it's acceptable. It's a free pattern from Stitching The Night Away I used the May 2005 ornie, but I changed it a little. I did the beads differently than they were charted. I also did just regular x's around the outside of it instead of the stem stitch. The bead border inside the x's is my touch too. I like beads and You can find the finishing instructions I used here Basic Flat Ornie
ornie finish


Rachael said...

Are you going to be having a rest from blogging or will you have withdrawals if you don't blog!! lol My kids always want pics taking when I get the camera out for progress pics,Hubby thinks I have more pics of my stitching than I have of my kids!
That ornie is lovely!!

Stephy said...

How big he looks!
And so Cute!!
Love the finished stitch hun!!

Stacey said...

I probably won't blog every day, but most days.

Yeah Steph he's getting to big for