Sunday, November 18, 2007

Western Finals

Well today Saskatchewan plays BC for the Western Finals. In my house this is a big game as Bill is from Saskatchewan. So he's going to be plugged into the TV all day watching that. Then after there is some sort of Wrestling Pay Preview that with the dish we now get. Ask me how excited I am about The Football is one thing, but I totally can't stand wrestling. So I'm heading up to Edmonton to Michaels when the Football game starts. Hmmmm do I have to come back? LOL I guess so.

Oh my goodness good news Jeremy got his report card on Friday. He got mostly 3's which is basically doing average work, some 2's and even a few 1's, but the break down for these marks is really high for Grade One, to get a 1 (1 like an A) he'd basically have to get everything right 100%. Keep in mind that tests Jeremy has brought home he has only gotten one or two questions wrong and that's if he has gotten any wrong at all. He was still given an average mark. If he was in Grade Three giving the same effort his average mark would have been all 1's. So this is the break down for Grade One:
Work meets standard of excellence 96 - 100% 1 passing
Work exceeds acceptable standard 90 - 95% 2 passing
Work meets acceptable standard 80 - 89% 3 passing
Work is below acceptable standard 65 - 79% 4 approaching but not passing
Work is significantly below standard 64% & less 5 below passing mark

Yes I was very thrilled with Jeremy's report card as last year in Grade One he was 4's and 5's that this is a huge improvement. That 3 mark that he's given is a high 3 as if he gets anything wrong on a test he still ends up with an 88 - 89% mark.

Now in Grades 3 - 6 here is there breakdown:
80 - 100% 1
70 - 79% 2
60 - 69% 3
50 - 59% 4
less than 50% 5

Stitching News
I got some work done on both the model and the UFO RR. Today I'm going to work on the RR and then mail it out tomorrow. I'm off tomorrow so I vision a lot of work done on the model. Which reminds me I need to take a pic of it to show the designer. Just killing me that I can't post pics of it...sniff sniff.

I'm getting excited about the new Blog. Guess the first things I'll need to start posting about are Christmas Ornies, because it's right around the corner. So if anyone has any kewl Christmas Ornie finishes that you'd like me to see please let me know. I'm looking for the all over the board from elaborate to fast and quick......hmmmm sounds like another part of my life, but that more often fast and quick and less often eleobrate.....roflmao


Emily said...

Have you visited the christmas ornament SAL blog? I joined but I haven't posted anything since about May. :) Might do a couple in December, but I need some new ideas! I have too many little pillows now.

Stacey said...

No I haven't. I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks.

Stephy said...

Oh no hockey and wrestling?
And I complain about Football.
Hope ya had fun at the store.