Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Been Awhile

Well have posted in ages. The walk was totally awesome. Words don't begin to describe the weekend. The emotion the feelings WOW! I've noticed since that I use that as a stepping stone for other things. I can do 'x' heck I've walked 60k in one weekend. One step at a time right.

Well I got this off of Becka's (friend's) blog:

1) What is your birthday, what time were you born, what astrological sign are you, and what city and state were you born in? Not sure of the time, but I'm a Tauraus, and I was born in Thompson, Manitoba.
2) Are there any famous events or famous people that share your specialday? Engelbert Humperdinck
3) What did you do to celebrate your last birthday? Went out to dinner had roses & a card waiting for me when I got home prettynice.
4) What is your best birthday celebration that you can remember? All are great!
5) What is the best birthday present you have ever received? The watch my husband gave me. I still wear it & love it.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Help Me Fight Breast Cancer & Vote

This will stay at the top until after the walk. Scorll down to see today's post.

Please check out my Personal Site and make a donation. Let’s not let anymore women come down with this disease. I'm right now at $715 so that means I have $1,285.00 left to raise. This is a cause close to me as I've lost my Grandmother to Breast Cancer.

Make Sure to Vote
With our Provincail election just days away don't forget to vote. Hopefully NDP will NOT win, but we all have to do our part, and vote.

Stitching Question of the Week.

"Given the option, would you rather buy a chart and get the material and floss together yourself, or buy a pre-packed kit?"

I readily use both. I don't mind either. I'll buy a kit, and use both the fabric, and the floss. I've since decided that evenweave is my fabric of choice, so from now on I MAY swap aida for evenweave, but I'll always use the floss. I've never had a problem with kit floss. Damp sponge run the floss over it before you stitch & voila it's nice & tame.

Stitching News
Good ness I can't count. Wonder how I can do counted cross stitch....sigh. Three times doing this silly border, and it's still not right, but I'm saying screw it, and I'll fudge

I'm nuts I'm requesting another model from Sally at Stitch'n Inspiration I was asking myself what's the draw? Why stitch something for someone else? I know it's more than the stash. And I decided, it's the thrill of stitching something no one else has stitched, the rush of starting a new project, getting to play with neat fibers, and the pride of seeing my stitching on the front of a chart. Even though I only stitch for a few designers they can still keep me

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

One in 9 Women You Know Will Come Down With Breast Cancer & Poor Kid

This will stay at the top until after the walk. Scorll down to see today's post.

Please check out my Personal Site
and make a donation. Let’s not let anymore women come down with this disease.

I'm right now at $715 so that means I have $1,285.00 left to raise. This is a cause close to me as I've lost my Grandmother to Breast Cancer.

Poor Kid…..

I have a very close friend whom I’ve known for 17 years. She has two children. Her oldest is just finishing grade one. Or should I say should be finishing grade one. What a drama school has been for her, and I’m sorry to say a lot of it is her own fault. I’m normally not someone who passes judgment on other Moms. We all do the best we can with what we have, and we all protect our children. Or I at least hope most Moms do that. That being said….I have issues with this one girlfriend. He’s been in two schools in two years, because the first school didn’t “get” her son. She pulled him out of Kindergarten for part of the year because of it, and said she Home Schooled him. I think Home Schooling is wonderful, and works well for many many families. I’m in awe of Parents who can Home School their children, BUT my girlfriend didn’t really Home School (read on). So I see my girlfriend Sunday, and she is distraught, as the School that Jonathan is in now wants to keep him back to repeat Grade One. Girlfriend is convinced that Jonathan has a learning disability, and needs to be assessed. OK this may be true, BUT the child needs so stability. After talking to her I discovered that 1 the poor kid never had a year of Kindergarten. When my girlfriend pulled Jonathan out of Kindergarten to Home School him she didn’t get the official BC Curriculum, she bought a few workbooks. She also keeps Jonathan home with not only each, and every sniffle, but even if he doesn’t feel like going to school. Now I’m not one to make a child go to school if they are sick, but there has to be a balance just because the nose runs doesn’t mean they get to stay home. Some kids would never go to school that way…lol. Now I came down on her. I told her to stop blaming the school when due to her own actions her child is missing out on valuable parts of his education. I told her that Jonathan may very well have a learning disability, and all her actions have done is delayed him getting the help he may need. As now the school is saying he hasn’t attended enough school to be able to access him. Poor kid. I also told her she can either work with the school system, or pull him out, and home school him but properly! I strongly suggested she get the proper BC Curriculum for grade one, and at the least home school him in that over the summer. That way he’s at least caught up. So if she takes him back to the school she can at least say he’s done grade one again. Man we can sure be our children’s worst advocate in some cases.

Stitching News

Figured what the heck I was doing wrong in trying to center a border around the Vermillion freebie. So it’s frogging for me tonight…sigh. Other than that he is such a nice freebie, and stitches up so quickly, even with the ¼ stitches.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Well Here I Go Again…..

Here I am again trying to keep this thing updated. Last past has been February. Yikes.So what’s happened since then I’ve had a birthday I’m now a year older…lol. Bill is weeks away from finishing school, and going off to start his new job. I’m both happy, and sad. Happy about his new career, but sad that we’ll be apart for a while.

Trying to think what else has happned. Grandma got moved to a care facility. My idiot father didn’t even phone to tell me. I had to go to the Hospital, and they told me. Took weeks of me calling Dad for him to get back to me…sigh.

My Fund Raising

Coming along slowly it seems. I’ve reached the $700 mark. So only $1,300 to go


Well currently I’m trying to get some charity squares done by the end of May. So I’m working away on those. We are stitching the Fantasy Bear Freebies from Vermillion. They are very cute.

Here is my latest finish it's a model done for Stitchin'Inspiration

Image hosted by

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Here I am mid 30’s, and am excited about making new friends. I’ve always loved getting to know new people, and have heard from others it gets harder as you get older. I never really understood that. I understand that as we get older our world can sort of shrink. Ya work, home & family kinda becomes your world *shrugs.* Not that I’m that different, but I’ve still never had a hard time making friends even as I get older. Perfect example is the lovely lady I met off a message board. Crazy but true, it’s a cross-stitch message board so right away we have something in common. Right now we get together once a week stitch, bitch, laugh what have you, and I enjoy it, and her company. Bill thinks it’s great gives him more quite time to study….lol. Jeremy is usually in bed (or close to it) when I leave. Yup I have a great life.

Got another donation today for the draw woo hoo things are looking up just have to get my family donating…lol. Training needs to be kept up, but it’s coming. Please check out link on the right.

Tried working on a model last night. Frogged more than I stitched which is discouraging. Going to do a mental health-stitching day & work on a RR piece…sigh.

As for the modelstitching message board I need to contact Loretta today & see what’s going on. With MSN Down (AGAIN) this is difficult to do. I’m already thinking of forums, possible moderators etc. I hope to do a good job, and have a message board that attracts both designers & model stitchers give a little Hitler a run for her money….lol.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Well when it rains it pours.

Here I was just innocently complaining about a certain Yahoo group, when wham bam I’m now going to be running a message board to directly compete with said group. I secretly hope I do better. Just a short note today.

The Weekend to End Breast Cancer

Got another donation today woo hoo $40. Training needs to be kept up, but it’s coming. Please check out link on the right.

Stitching News

Finished commissioned piece. Yip hee. Plus taken on another I’m silly. Will work to get model done for a designer. Yup I’m busy.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Last Night Was Interesting.

Jeremy is registered for kindergarten starting this September (where does the time fly.) This is a Discovery School non-competition very touchy feely school. The school is offering Discovery School for parents. These are parenting classes that mirror the school’s philosophy. So I signed up for a few reasons:
~ they are FREE
~ gives Jeremy a chance to check out the school
~ I get to meet some of the parents
~ heck I might actually learn something

So last night they had a potluck for the first class, and it was lovely. The kids after went with a bunch of the Teachers for childcare, and the parents settled in for their “school.” Well after a long week at work, working late I was tired but pushed through. The introduction stuff, and the conclusion stuff I truthfully found BORING I did enjoy the small group work though. Last night the theme was Birth Order, which is an interesting topic, and am now seeing clearer the reasons why Bill, Jeremy and even myself act in certain ways.


Well continuing on with training. Walking every day for at least an hour. Trying to work in some cross training if I can wake up early enough. Please check out the link (lower left) to learn more about it, and to support me. If you are a stitcher there is also a link to a really cool Draw as well.


I have just one rose left on the commissioned piece left to do woo hoo. I’ll then need to get my butt in gear to finish a model I have. I’m thinking that when I finish a model/commissioned piece I may try, and take a month off in between. That’s if they plan on paying in stash…lol. As my friend Loretta has a possible commissioned piece for me to do that will pay $50. Right now with fundraising I can’t turn down $50….lol

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Haven’t Written in Awhile.

Thins are going well on the home front. Bill’s in his final term at school yip hee, the annoyance now is that the support workers are on a rotating strike so that sucks. Jeremy is all registered for kindergarten I can’t believe how old he is already.

News about me.

I’ve registered to do The Weekend to End Breast Cancer. It’s a 60 kilometer walk over one weekend, and I’m committed to raise $2,000.00. Please check out the link at the side. Which trust me neither I’ve done before. I’ve so far raised $110, and training is off to a great start. As part of my fundraiser I’m offering a draw for all my stitching buddies. So for every $ they donate they will their name entered $10 donation = 10 entries. I so far have some excellent companies contributing to my Draw please check out the link to the Draw information on the side bar. Thank you.

Stitching News

Trying to finish a commission piece quickly so I can get final payment, and donate that for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer. Actually getting to two stitching gtg’s a week. Go me.