Wednesday, May 11, 2005

One in 9 Women You Know Will Come Down With Breast Cancer & Poor Kid

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I'm right now at $715 so that means I have $1,285.00 left to raise. This is a cause close to me as I've lost my Grandmother to Breast Cancer.

Poor Kid…..

I have a very close friend whom I’ve known for 17 years. She has two children. Her oldest is just finishing grade one. Or should I say should be finishing grade one. What a drama school has been for her, and I’m sorry to say a lot of it is her own fault. I’m normally not someone who passes judgment on other Moms. We all do the best we can with what we have, and we all protect our children. Or I at least hope most Moms do that. That being said….I have issues with this one girlfriend. He’s been in two schools in two years, because the first school didn’t “get” her son. She pulled him out of Kindergarten for part of the year because of it, and said she Home Schooled him. I think Home Schooling is wonderful, and works well for many many families. I’m in awe of Parents who can Home School their children, BUT my girlfriend didn’t really Home School (read on). So I see my girlfriend Sunday, and she is distraught, as the School that Jonathan is in now wants to keep him back to repeat Grade One. Girlfriend is convinced that Jonathan has a learning disability, and needs to be assessed. OK this may be true, BUT the child needs so stability. After talking to her I discovered that 1 the poor kid never had a year of Kindergarten. When my girlfriend pulled Jonathan out of Kindergarten to Home School him she didn’t get the official BC Curriculum, she bought a few workbooks. She also keeps Jonathan home with not only each, and every sniffle, but even if he doesn’t feel like going to school. Now I’m not one to make a child go to school if they are sick, but there has to be a balance just because the nose runs doesn’t mean they get to stay home. Some kids would never go to school that way…lol. Now I came down on her. I told her to stop blaming the school when due to her own actions her child is missing out on valuable parts of his education. I told her that Jonathan may very well have a learning disability, and all her actions have done is delayed him getting the help he may need. As now the school is saying he hasn’t attended enough school to be able to access him. Poor kid. I also told her she can either work with the school system, or pull him out, and home school him but properly! I strongly suggested she get the proper BC Curriculum for grade one, and at the least home school him in that over the summer. That way he’s at least caught up. So if she takes him back to the school she can at least say he’s done grade one again. Man we can sure be our children’s worst advocate in some cases.

Stitching News

Figured what the heck I was doing wrong in trying to center a border around the Vermillion freebie. So it’s frogging for me tonight…sigh. Other than that he is such a nice freebie, and stitches up so quickly, even with the ¼ stitches.


Jay said...

I hope your friend heeds your advice, because it was bang on.

Stacey said...

Thanks Jay. I hope she takes it too. Very frusterating at times.