Thursday, December 16, 2004

I Just Feel Yucky…

Was informed by Bill my lovely Husband that I can’t be grumpy. I need to pretend. I’ve told him before that I’m not going to just smile and bounce around like a deranged idiot. So I’m kind of on the fence on this one. I have a problem with people who are fake, and I don’t want to be fake I also don’t want to be seen as miserable either. I’m a passionate person, and this means I feel things deeply, and I wear my heart on my sleeve. So there are times that Bill & I butt heads about this. He at times feels I take things to seriously, that I need to lighten up, and at times he’s right. Today it dawned on me though the reason I take things seriously is because of my passion. It’s that same passion that loves him, stands up for him (with my Step Dad), defends him & Jeremy. So yes I agree there are times I may take innocent teasing too much to heart ie I’m either grumpy, being passionate whatever. But to be told I can’t be grumpy, by the guy who during the school term is grumpy and defends it by saying I have tests, assignments due or just being tired, and we are expected to understand. Well I want the same understanding. I too get grumpy (See I’m such a bear…lol and I’m working on it), tired and stressed. This has been an issue for years with us, but this is also one of the things that make us special. He’s even tempered not much gets under his skin. I’m passionate, admittedly moody at times (come on with women’s hormones what women isn’t occasionally moody), yes I easily cry, but I also easily laugh (hence I wear my heart on my sleeve). I’ve always figured we balance each other out, but there are the times we just don’t “get” each other, and I guess that’s what was happening this morning. Wasn’t a major fight just frustration that was all fixed by the time I got to work except now it has made me think. As I don’t want to be thought of as a miserable wife, and mother. So I guess I do need to work on my attitude a bit. Heck no one is perfect, and if I were then there’d be trouble…lol.

Tonight is dinner at my Dad’s so keeping a positive attitude that everything will go smoothly.

~Stitching News~
Last night model night started on the border, and wow I love the floss the designer chose. It is gorgeous. I’m going to use it to make myself a bookmark. It is wonderful.

Not much stitching planned for tonight as I’m going out for dinner.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Dinner Would Have Been…..

…Well dinner I guess. The best thing I could have said about last night is I wouldn’t have had to cook which is always a good thing in my world. Well turns out that Bill & Jeremy came to pick me up I find out that my err umm lovely sister phoned at about 2:30 pm to say Josh was sick, and then my equally err umm lovely Father, and his wife decided that dinner needs to be cancelled. UM ok. Now this is the couple that sees my sister and nephew at least once a month (usually more), and us about 3 times a year, and that’s me calling them. So a chance of just the 4 of us getting together with Jeremy would have been nice for Jeremy at least. Yeah right. Can’t do dinner if Correy can’t make it. Now if Jeremy were sick I know dinner wouldn’t be cancelled. So no I wasn’t looking forward to last night. My father who only sees me 3 times a year, his wife who is holding a grudge against my Grandmother who is in the Hospital (whole other story), and then my sister on Welfare that is constantly telling us all the stuff my father buys her cell phone, DVD Player, Daycare (for nephew), and then wonders why we don’t have the same things. Um because unlike her I work full-time one income while Bill is in school, and I don’t have anyone else but ME footing the bill thank you very much. Anything we have we worked for, saved for & budgeted for. Words foreign to my sister, and my nephew. Heck my nephew has like an X-Box, and little hand held video games even. So now instead of this horror being over until next year it is looming up in the future like Thursday evening…. sigh. So was I looking forward to last night far from it, but willing to put up with the crap so that Jeremy can have some sort of relationship with my father I sometimes wonder why bother. But I know I’m the bigger person, and on my deathbed I know I would have done the right thing.

~Stitching News~
Got some good work done on my model last night seeing as I didn’t have to go out to dinner that is. I do find I need to take more breaks when working on black. Tires my eyes out more I guess. Tonight I will work on my commissioned UFO piece which I totally enjoy working on.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Strength? Along With Question Of The Week.

I was at my girlfriends last night for a stitching get together. We try to get together once a week. My girlfriend gave me a little Christmas present (early) that was a coaster that said Strength. She said, because I have more of it than anyone else she knows. I was kind of taken back. Not that I don’t have strength, but at times I feel it is lacking. All last week I was thinking how overwhelming being a woman can be. All the things we are expected to do Mother, Wife, work (in or outside of the house), keep a clean house, cook, be Dr., Teacher, Guidance counselor, Lover on top of that don’t forget to keep your finger, and take time for yourself. I kind of wonder when I’m going to fit it all in so to then get a gift like that I was a little in shock. Thinking wow all that strength she sees in me a lot of that is just a fa├žade, and I guess I’m doing a good job…. sigh.

~Stitching News~
Started a really cute kit last night. With gorgeous silk over dyed floss, but somewhere I miscounted….lol. So it didn’t get much done on it.

~Question of the Week~
Obligation stitching. Yes? No? Maybe?

I’d have to say yes. I currently have one model, and one commission piece. The commissioned piece I’m being paid in cash for, and the model I get paid in stash. I enjoy both as I can increase my stash, and play with new stuff without it making to much of a dent into my pocket book.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Drum Roll Please…..And the Winner is ….

Red Deer. Finally found out that when Bill has finished school next year Spring 2005 we will be moving to Red Deer Alberta. This is a good move for us 45 mins from the Airport one hour from both Calgary, and Edmonton. I’m excited. They also told him that is starting salary has gone up $200 a month. Not doing one thing, and he got a raise already. Also knows his starting date is in the middle of June. So he’ll be gone for about 3 months for training sigh. It will be worth it.

~Stitching News~
Spent all night working on my model. I love the colours this is such a fun model to work on. Tonight will be commissioned piece stitching. This is such a nice easy project to work on, and coming along very well. Weekend will be spent doing RR stitching, and I should get a bunch done as Jeremy is spending Saturday night at Grandma’s.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

I Can Still Look Like A Girl

Staff party last night got a chance to dress up a little wear makeup, and wow I can still look like a girl…lol It was great had a nice Buffet Dinner then got to see a show of ABBA Impersonators which was so much fun. I loved ABBA as a kid, so I totally enjoyed myself. Dinner was good (anything is good as long as I don’t have to cook it). Show was great I even danced. Jeremy spent a few hours with Grandma so he had a good time, and Bill got the evening to study in peace and quiet.

~Stitching News~
Got nothing done yesterday due to Christmas Party, but tonight is marathon stitching night as its Survivor, Apprentice & ER so I’ll be stitching for about 3 hours tonight!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I’m All For Fund Raising, But Not For Something I Pay For!

Jeremy’s Daycare is doing some fundraising in December. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind supporting causes, but fundraising for the Daycare? I already support it. I fork out $500 a month, and this includes food, and Preschool. So yes it’s a good deal, and I understand that. But with Bill in school full-time, and only one income I need a good deal. So now they want us to fundraise for the Daycare. I don’t get it? This is not a not for profit Daycare, because if it was I would assist in fundraising. This is a for profit Daycare. So the way I see it I’d be fundraising so that the lady who owns the Daycare has more money in her pocket. I don’t think so. When asked if I’d be selling pies this year as part of the fundraiser I replied not this year we’ve already decided on our Christmas Charity to donate to. Which I’m sorry a for profit Daycare is not a charity. O.K. vent over….lol.

I was much better this morning the bear was hibernating for the most part. So that is good.

I have my Christmas Party tonight, which means lots of driving. Pick Jeremy up from Daycare drop him off at my Mom’s for a few hours. Go to my party pick him up after, and drive all the way back to Surrey. By myself as Bill will be studying for finals tonight L

~Stitching News~
Woo Hoo got Santa’s Magic along with my first model for . She has some wonderful designs black work along with regular cross-stitch. I can’t wait to get the model back to Sally so that she can put it up on the website. I jumped right in, and started stitching it. The Tuck saga continues…lol…I just need a break from them for a day or so, and seeing as I won’t get any stitching done tonight that will go a long way in helping with that.

I signed up for the TWCOE, and sent out 4 ornaments, but I’ve only got one in return so far. I’m sure most of the delay is due to Customs or Canada Post, but part of me wonders if the ones coming to me were mailed on time. I hope they arrive quickly.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I’m Such A Bear……

Woo hoo new look for my Blog. I like this much better, and hope this helps to keep me more dedicated to posting more often.

For some reasons in the morning I’m such a bear. The fault I know lies with me all I need to do is get organized the night before, and then the morning goes smoothly. I just need to get into that habit. I feel for Jeremy as he’s the one who gets barked at “Get Dressed,” “Quick,” or “We are running late,” none of which is his fault that his Mom can’t get her act together the night before. I am getting his clothes ready the night before so baby steps. That helps as soon as breakfast is over I can say ok go get dressed I’m just tired of being a grumpy bear in the morning ;-). Need to do an attitude adjustment in a few areas… but I’m human.

~Stitching News~
Well last night was a complete waste of time. Tried making tuck pillows for the SECOND time, and they didn’t work out again. Followed the directions this time even. I should have ended up with a 4” tuck with a 3” squared opening, but what I ended up with is a 4” tuck, and a 1” opening. Um no good so I’m not sure what I’m going to do now. I need to finish some of these for an exchange, and if I can’t figure it out I’ll have to send back DMC floss that I’m being sent to make a couple as well. I’ll try ONE more time tonight, but this is just picking my butt. So an hour and a half wasted. Just kind of threw in the towel, and worked on my commissioned UFO piece. Which is coming along nicely.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Question of the week.

What has been your most interesting stitching related injury?

Other than getting stuck with a needle I haven't injured myself.

Lord Save Me From Perfect Mothers

What a weekend I had. Went on an emotional roller coaster due to Bill, but that’s a whole other story…

Here’s what happened Sunday I took Jeremy out to play. One of the local malls has an excellent play area. We get their lots of kids running around. Off Jeremy goes to play he discovered that one of large play pieces was more than just something to grab and run around. It had 3 animals divided into parts Cat, Bunny & Squirrel. Jeremy figured he could line them all up which he did. Then proudly came over to show me. Just as he did a little girl went over to play with the toy that Jeremy just lined up. He went tearing back, and pushed her. The little girls Mom told him to stop. I was right there, and took him over to me, and gave him a talking to, and instructed him to go say he was sorry. He looks for the little girl, and finds her. Doesn’t get within 10 feet of the little girl when the Mom jumps up runs across the pay area grabs Jeremy, and tells him to stay away. I jump up go over, and say let go of my son he was just coming over to say he was sorry. Jeremy then ignored the little girl the rest of the time we were there, but if during play he even dared to go near that little girl that Mom was right there. What I couldn’t believe was this little girl more than once pushed other kids. Did that Mom do a thing……..NO. I was very happy when they left I must say. What is it with Mom that feel their child does no wrong. They have eyes for only wrong other children are doing, but not for what their child is doing. I’m sorry every child as some point does something hit, bite, push or whatever. It's almost like girls get away with it more than boys, but maybe that's just because I have a boy. This just boils my shorts as I've been experiencing this for like 4 years.

~ Stitching News

Got my first UFO commissioned to stitch, and I’m so excited. I’m actually being paid money to finish it. Stitched models, and got paid in stash which is great, but it’s nice to also get some money.

Started thinking very seriously about dyeing my own floss as a home based business. So I’m in the initial stages of that. The trial, and test period. I have some floss dyed that I’m going to be giving away to get some feedback so I’ll see what happens. You never know there may be The Painted Floss released into the market one day.

Tonight I have to stitch tucks that I messed up on, on the weekend…sigh…lol.

Hope to be much more discplined in keeping this up to

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Question of the week.

Do I think Cross Stitch Requires Patience?

I think I'd say no. I'm normally not a patient person, and yet I cross stitch. I do find it takes attention to detail, perseverance, and committment.

Can't Believe Tomorrow is September

Next week Bill will be back in school, and Jeremy will be back in Day Care. I'm not looking foward to dropping him off that first morning. I'm thinking he may start crying which just breaks my heart. Once he's there he has loads of fun, and has lots of friends. My other concern is last year he was so sick, flue, colds, 2 ear infections. The Day Care attempted to blame me (not enough vitamins) after talking to my local Pharamist I went back to the Day Care, and asked how often they washed the toys....surprise surprise there were no more comments made to me. Jeremy continued to get sick though....go figure. Plus we discovered with the last ear infection that there is a good chance he is allergic to Antiboitics. Oh what fun. I'm going to be trying garlic ear drops on a regular basis this year to try and prevent ear infections.

~ Stitching News ~
Well still not back working on the model I should be working on. Finished part of my piece for a RR that has a mail out date by tommorrow. Gees I need to get busy. I need to find an alphabet tonight so all can sign their square, stitch mine, and then get it ready to mail out tomorrow.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Feeling Almost The Same

The best thing I can say about today is that’s its Thursday. This means tomorrow is FRIDAY! I’m slowly starting to get out of this funk. I hope it doesn’t last for long, because I don’t like how I act when I feel in a funk. Bill’s friend from school is moving out here from Edmonton. He was here this week looking for apartments. He’s going to be moving into our building. It will be a good thing I think. As they can very easily get together to study. We can have him over for dinner, videos etc, so he doesn’t get too lonely. He doesn’t have any family out here. Not only that Bill doesn’t have many close friends out here so this will be good for him.

~Stitching News~

I did jack squat as far as stitching goes… My stomach was upset last night so I just curled up on the couch for the evening as per Bill’s suggestions. I did feel slightly guilty, but I wasn’t feeling well. My stomacher seems better today so I’ll hopefully get some stitching done tonight.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Just Not Feeling Like Myself....

I'm just feeling out of sorts with myself the last couple of days. I think part of it may be the weather. We've gone from very hot (in the 90's), and sunny to rainy, and cool. I think it is affecting my mood :-( Got home last night, and the Laundry was not done. UG! Bill was home all afternoon he could have done it, but waited for me. Lovely. NOT. So that added to my mood last night. Work this morning don't even get me started. Men being men & all of that.

~ Stitching News ~

I'm getting some really good progress on my UFO RR. I can't believe it's over. It has been the most unstressful RR I've been in. OK I've only been in two (including this one), but it was great. We are doing a second round. This time it will be a theme RR, and a ufo RR. We'll see how that goes. I hope we do a third round, and if we do I want it to be a UFO one again.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

It's been so long

I can't believe my last post was in July.

End of August upon us. Bill entering his last year of school with a job offer for when he is done this is good news! Means another move to Alberta at some point. Jeremy will be 4 in September I can't believe it. I'll be planning a party for a few of his friends.

~ Stitching News

Question of the week.
What would you most like your favourite designer to design next?

I think I would like my favorite designer (Teresa Wentzler) to next design something to do with the Greek Muses, more samplers and Dragons.

Finished Tempest, and TW's Beginner White Work Ornie both are in my album.

Rotation has gone right out the window the last couple of weeks. I'm going to allow myself to stitch willy nilly & then next week get back to my rotation. My model has been neglected lately. Plus I have two RR's to get ready for that have a mail date of September. Busy lady.

Saturday, July 17, 2004


Well Bill has 5 games to Ump today. This means Jeremy, and I are on our own. We will probably go to the pool, and have some fun. I guess we'll get grocieries tomorrow. Oh well.

~Stitching News~
Everything is set up on STNA (Stitcing The Night Away) for both the Stitching Service, along with the Bobbin Winding Service. Here's hoping it takes off. I've also offered to finish a few ornaments for Loretta from STNA. If she likes them then I'll let her add my name on the site for finishing purposes. Finishing I'll only accept money which will be a novel idea. As right now for everything else I do I'll barter/trade which really is a good way to keep in stash I find. I figure that finishing will actually cost me out of pocket so payment in money would be good. I'm almost finished TW's Beginner WW Ornament, and am surprised that the placement of the stitches was a little more difficult than I thought it would be. I'm very happy with how it is looking though.

Have a good weekend all!

Friday, July 16, 2004


Last night was nice Bill (my husband) had to Ump a Softball game. He's a professional Softball Umpier during the summer. Jeremy (son), and I had dinner then went outside to enjoy the warm evening. Played with the neighbour children, and had a blast. When it was time to go in Jeremy was not very I mean who wants to come inside when it's a nice evening, but bed time is bed time. I'm still catching up from being out for like 3 days this past week when my brother was visiting. So I didn't exercise this morning, but instead slept in. I hope to get back on track with my exercise.

~ Stitching News ~
Last night I worked on TW (Teresa Wentzler) Beginner WW Ornament. I was hoping to have it finished last night, but alas I didn't. I'm stitching it on Navy Lugana with The Lavenders (hand dyed silk floss) from The Floss Gather which is gorgeous. I'm really happy with how it is looking. This weekend is Lady of Shallot Stitch Along so I need to make sure to work on her, and get some stitches done on my UFO RR. Busy weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

July 15 The First

I thought I'd give this a shot. I'm new to the blog scene. I do understand it is like a journal.

Well I promised this will be a little about me so here it goes. I'm 34 years old, married for almost 7 years I have one DS who will be 4 in September. Where does the time fly?

My hobbies include reading, internet, but my passion is cross stitch. I mostly do complex designs Teresa Wentzler, L&L for example. I get my happy dances by doing Model Stitching. I make sure those projects are smaller, and simplier.

I've also launched a weight loss plan, and am down 25.4 lbs (go me). I'm very happy with myself. I have about another 29 lbs to go before I reach my goal weight, but at least now I know it is doable, and I have a plan.

Stitchers Question of the Week How do you choose a project? What “calls” to you the most?

~ I select my project or it's probably more like they select I pick something where it has to move me, and colour has a lot of do with it. I have to love the over all design, plus I have to love the colours used. I'll know when the design has "got" me as I feel drawn to it even if it is to just look at it. Strange I know.

Feel free to leave me your comments.