Tuesday, August 24, 2004

It's been so long

I can't believe my last post was in July.

End of August upon us. Bill entering his last year of school with a job offer for when he is done this is good news! Means another move to Alberta at some point. Jeremy will be 4 in September I can't believe it. I'll be planning a party for a few of his friends.

~ Stitching News

Question of the week.
What would you most like your favourite designer to design next?

I think I would like my favorite designer (Teresa Wentzler) to next design something to do with the Greek Muses, more samplers and Dragons.

Finished Tempest, and TW's Beginner White Work Ornie both are in my album.

Rotation has gone right out the window the last couple of weeks. I'm going to allow myself to stitch willy nilly & then next week get back to my rotation. My model has been neglected lately. Plus I have two RR's to get ready for that have a mail date of September. Busy lady.

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