Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Been Awhile

Well have posted in ages. The walk was totally awesome. Words don't begin to describe the weekend. The emotion the feelings WOW! I've noticed since that I use that as a stepping stone for other things. I can do 'x' heck I've walked 60k in one weekend. One step at a time right.

Well I got this off of Becka's (friend's) blog:

1) What is your birthday, what time were you born, what astrological sign are you, and what city and state were you born in? Not sure of the time, but I'm a Tauraus, and I was born in Thompson, Manitoba.
2) Are there any famous events or famous people that share your specialday? Engelbert Humperdinck
3) What did you do to celebrate your last birthday? Went out to dinner had roses & a card waiting for me when I got home prettynice.
4) What is your best birthday celebration that you can remember? All are great!
5) What is the best birthday present you have ever received? The watch my husband gave me. I still wear it & love it.