Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cards, Gifts & Shopping Oh My

Well seems like Christmas just sneaked up on me. I have like hardly any cards sent out. Still have most of my shopping to do, and seems like not enough time to do it in. Got some cards done up this morning, and they will go out today. So if y'all are expecting cards from me they will be Not sure what happened with Jeremy's school pictures, but they were dragging their a$$es so I'll have to send out more cards or what not with pictures when I finally get those. Shopping Bill and I will get done Saturday. Good news he'll at least be home over Christmas. He'll probably be gone just after Christmas just in time for the out-laws to make it our way. Bill did talk to his Dad, and suggest they change their trip spend Christmas Day at our place as Bill will for sure be here, and THEN go to Sharon's (Bill's sister), but all he got was excuses. We already booked the hotel. Sharon is expecting us. Our plans are already made. What they are really saying with all that is seeing Sharon is more important than seeing Bill. Nice huh. Last year they didn't even bother to come by even though they were in Saskatchewan. Bill even suggested that Sharon and her family come out to our place, but nope that's not going to happen. I felt bad for him, and I feel worse for me now I'll be stuck with his parents, and he won't even be here.....grrrrrrr. He knows what he has to buy me to make up for

Stitching News
So close to being done the model I can taste it. Two motifs left, and the border.

I'm going to try an interesting challenge in 2008 called the Take Further Challenge. It's a designing challenge, she gives a theme and then you have a month to develop it into a design. I'm not expecting miracles, but I might get a couple usable ornie charts or small charts. At least use my creative brain try something new.
Take It Further Challenge After reading the instructions again you can either work the idea on paper or your choice of needle art. I'm thinking right now any ideas I come up with will stay on paper until I have the time to stitch

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Godard Show

Well it was brought to my attention that I hadn't posted about the Michael Godard Art show I went to like over a week ago. I had a good time. He was very nice and friendly. I drank some really yummy wine had some goodies to eat, and even got hit on by two Here are some pics

me and godard

godard drawing gold on black ballroom dancing theme

Work is going well, but pretty busy. I'm sure things will slow down now that it is getting closer to Christmas. Or at least I hope so. I miss posting to my blog.

Taking the lazy way out when buying some Christmas gifts this year. I've done about five gifts on-line, and have them ship them for Actually turns out a lot cheaper for me the shipping part anyways.

Stitching News
Still plugging away on the model, and still so close to being Hope to post a Happy Dance by the weekend.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Come on Come On Admit It Ya Missed Me

Oh my poor neglected blog how I have let you Well my new job which was to have been easy wow this week has been so busy. The phone rings off the hook, I'm constantly being interrupted from people walking in off the street and I don't feel there's enough time in the day to finish everything. Or at least there wasn't Friday. My boss was talking to her boss saying their Dept is way more busy now that we've moved to the new location, and FCSS (Family Community Social Services) and By Law are all in the same building. I don't mind it being busy as my stress level is still waaaaayyyyy lower than it was at the bank. Bill is home from New Zealand, and brought goodies some decent wine, a little map, and an All Blacks (their Rugby team) jersey which is really nice I wore it Friday to work.

Stitching News
Still working on the model. The last two weeks I haven't gotten much done in it, and I need to get it done ASAP.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Okay Interesting Exercise

Take a look in your closet, or on your floor, laundry hamper or where ever you stash you The other day I was actually hanging laundry into my closet, and noticed all the colours or should I say lack of colours. There was lots of black, red, maroon, hot pink, some white, and some blue. I then noticed in my living room that my couch and love seat are a deep red, my area rug is mostly black and the carpet is a deep teal (yes our plan is to change the carpet), and the kitchen is mostly White. The new art that we just bought mine is mostly primary colours with lots of black, and Bill's is blue. I thought that was interesting how the colours I like the wear have spilled over to the rest of the house. It has sort of spilled into my stitching as well. I do like strong bold colours. I also find that I grab a lot of blues and purples. So have the colours from your closet spilled over to the rest of your house?

Stitching News
I've done jack squat it seems this week. I need to get my act in gear and get stitching. Some one kick me in the behind to get going.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yeah I'm Probably Nuts

So the first day of the job went okay I think. The people seem okay. Other than parking in someone's spot first thing in the morning. I think I did all right. I'm basically an Accounts Receivable Clerk that answers the phone. The building is so cool it's the old Wetaskiwin Court house that the restored the original building then added on glass sections to each end. The original building is from 1907 I got the full tour yesterday, and that includes the old jail cells along with the judges chambers. They've done such a nice job restoring it.
Here is a before pic:

Here is the after pic:

It looks really good from the inside. So yesterday after work I treated myself to a new top, new pants (nice warm ones), a new toque and new gloves. My plan is to walk to work as long as the temperature is above -20 C. Yikes, yeah I'm probably nuts, but the walk will be good for me. We are talking about 10 to 15 minutes at the most. I have a good coat and good boots to wear so I won't totally freeze just feel like I'm freezing.

Stitcing News
Well with working all day, errands after work, grabbing Jeremy, and doing Hockey last night by the time I sat down I was to tired to work on anything. Seeing as I'm walking to work today I'll take lunch in the lunch room so I took the model with me I'll probably work on that there.

Monday, December 03, 2007

New Job Starts Today

I'm pretty excited start the new job today....woo hoo. Have to be there at 8:15am yikes that like 2 hours before the Well guess I'll get used to that pretty darn quick. Timed the drive yesterday, and it will take me like four minutes to drive there, and that's going through a Play Ground Zone. Mind you that was Sunday so this morning might take longer more people heading out to work. Sill what a long horrible commute I

Stitching News
Got bunch done on the RR finished a section just started the next one. I will take pics later.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like.....

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my household. Or at least as much like Christmas as I can The tree is up, and looks well.....acceptable. Here are some pics. Some might be a little dark sorry :( Yeah lots of pics today. So if it takes forever to load I'm sorry.

Stitchy News
It's a models life. Ok here after much anticipation, and waiting...yeah right, but here it is anyways the model I'm working on. I'm really enjoying stitching it. Stitched on a tan linen using Waterlilies Floss 025 Holiday.

Great Now What

Okay guess I'll need to start posting on my Bitchy Blog

Started putting the Christmas Tree up yesterday, and will finish that today. Jeremy and I went to see the movie Enchanted yesterday it was so good. I really enjoyed it. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

So brings me to the question how many blogs does all the 3 people who read my blog have? I know Loretta has a So how about the rest of you? I'll start:

Me I have three this one, Finishing Techniques, and my Bitchy one link held to protect the innocent. So why three blogs? I've always wondered why people had multiple Blogs, and now I'm writing in three. This one, and Finishing Techniques I update regular, but the Bitchy One has maybe one entry in

Stitchy News
Did loads on the RR I hope to take pics later. Dang plus I promised a pic of the model so I hope to do that today. So I guess I need to get going on that.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I'm going to blow my own horn again

I just took this off another person who did the blogging challenge for November.

Stitching News
First weekend of the month is UFO SAL. Good excuse to get some work done on the RR I'm in, and then tonight I'll post a pic of the model I'm working on woo hoo I'll get to share it.