Saturday, December 15, 2007

Come on Come On Admit It Ya Missed Me

Oh my poor neglected blog how I have let you Well my new job which was to have been easy wow this week has been so busy. The phone rings off the hook, I'm constantly being interrupted from people walking in off the street and I don't feel there's enough time in the day to finish everything. Or at least there wasn't Friday. My boss was talking to her boss saying their Dept is way more busy now that we've moved to the new location, and FCSS (Family Community Social Services) and By Law are all in the same building. I don't mind it being busy as my stress level is still waaaaayyyyy lower than it was at the bank. Bill is home from New Zealand, and brought goodies some decent wine, a little map, and an All Blacks (their Rugby team) jersey which is really nice I wore it Friday to work.

Stitching News
Still working on the model. The last two weeks I haven't gotten much done in it, and I need to get it done ASAP.


Rachael said...

I did wonder where you had gone!!

Emily said...

Busy is nice sometimes. :) Especially if it comes without so much stress.