Sunday, December 02, 2007

Great Now What

Okay guess I'll need to start posting on my Bitchy Blog

Started putting the Christmas Tree up yesterday, and will finish that today. Jeremy and I went to see the movie Enchanted yesterday it was so good. I really enjoyed it. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

So brings me to the question how many blogs does all the 3 people who read my blog have? I know Loretta has a So how about the rest of you? I'll start:

Me I have three this one, Finishing Techniques, and my Bitchy one link held to protect the innocent. So why three blogs? I've always wondered why people had multiple Blogs, and now I'm writing in three. This one, and Finishing Techniques I update regular, but the Bitchy One has maybe one entry in

Stitchy News
Did loads on the RR I hope to take pics later. Dang plus I promised a pic of the model so I hope to do that today. So I guess I need to get going on that.


Rachael said...

I have three blogs~My Diet one!! and two stitchy blogs 1 ~my regular one 2 ~ the other is for the Stitchathon I do!!

Rachael said...

I did have a bitchy blog but someone found it that sort of knew me so I don't do one anymore!Just in case! I do try not to bitch about anyone as it could always come and bite me on the bum!!

Stacey said...

Yes that is true that's why mine only has like one post & that was about a tv