Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Best Cleaner Ever

As I've mentioned before I suffer from skin allergies. It all started when I was working in a Hotel cleaning Hotel rooms. All the strong chemicals they use were to much for my system. Now I'm just very careful. The dishwasher has really saved my hands from being constantly red, blotchy and itchy mess. I even developed my own type of general purpose cleaner which I love and will share. I take a spray bottle fill it half with plain white vinegar, the other half with water, and then I add to drops of dish soap. Those two drops are not enough to bother me. I use this on everything kitchen counters, the floor, bathrooms, windows, and mirrors. Vinegar is not only a natural antiseptic so no need for those antibacterial cleaners which are not good for you anyways, vinegar is also takes odors out. As the smell of vinegar vanishes it removes any yucky smells.

Stitching News
Worked on Merlin and Arthur last night, and got a lot done. I'm about 3/4's done another page. Bill is working out of town today so wonder if I'll be able to finish another page I hope so. I'm to excited for words I have two models heading my way one for Stitchin'spiration a black work model she does wonderful Garden Traditions that I just found out are inspired from old Plantation Houses. How cool is that. I get to stitch one using Caron Waterlilies Silks.....yummy. The other is a BAP (big ass project) that I approached Tammy at Stab and Stash BEFORE I was asked to do the other model. At least on the BAP there is no deadline she just wants to see monthly pic updates. Well I think I can manage that. So I'll have the two models plus the UFO (unfinished object) RR that I mail out for next week. Me thinks I need a rotation, and I should probably post it here to be held accountable. Yup I think I'm nuts.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

What to Write?

My brain is totally dead and not functioning. I went out last night with some people from work. Had a few drinks, a few laughs, and before I know it it's like 1am. So I'm totally at a loss right now for what to write. Even checking out other blogs isn't giving me any ideas :( So I will leave this as is for now, and may add more later.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Stitching News

Yesterday I worked on Merlin and Arthur. I do love that design and working on it. Part of me does have a wandering eye looking at other stuff. I must resist lol. So I ordered two of the ornie magazines last week. One was to have come to me the other was to have gone to Loretta at Imagine my surprise when both ended up at Loretta's place. I was like what? So now I have to wait even longer for the posts, and be patient while Loretta tells me how cute the designs are lol.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stitching News

So last night I actually finished a page on Story keeper. I hope to get a pic of it uploaded later today. Tonight I'll probably work on Merlin & Arthur.

Ok so here is the pic as promised :D

story keeper sept 27-07

But I Don't Want To Pee In A Cup

So Jeremy's apt with the Pediatrician went okay. He did the all over looky loo, and then sent us off to get some tests done. First off have to rule out any medical conditions, and then go from there which is smart. So I informed Mr. Jeremy he'd have to pee in a cup. Well you would of thought I told him he'd have to drink it too. He was adamant I'M NOT PEEING IN A CUP. Um okay guess I won't be telling you how they get the blood out of you then lol. So I take him out to lunch, because I know what's coming up. After lunch we head over to the lab. She calls Jeremy, and asks if he has ever had blood taken before as I'm shaking my head no behind him. So he sits in the big chair, and she gets all her stuff out. Explains to him what every thing is this will clean your arm, this will hold your blood, this I'll use to stop the bleeding, and this is the needle I'll put into your arm. Jeremy then clues in, and says 'this is going to hurt isn't it?' So she was honest (like why lie to them) yes it will a little. So poor little guy I squatted in front of him put one hand on his knee the other hand on his free arm, and she did her thing. Oh wow did he yell when the needle went in, and even a few tears. He tried so hard to be brave. So after she took for tubes of blood I look at Jeremy, and said 'see you were afraid to pee in the cup.' So off we go to the bathroom with said cup. As soon as the door to the bathroom shut that's when he lost it. Real big crying arms thrown around me Mom I just want to go home....uh right in the heart that gets ya. So we had a nice big long hug. He calmed down, and actually went in the cup. So got all the tests done, and Jeremy went back to school for the afternoon, and had a big story to tell.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Leaning Tower of Projects

Well in an effort to tidy up I threw all the pieces of my current project on top of my computer desk. There is an empty space that is great for the project I'm working on for that day. Or at least that is the theory. So I have the project I was working on yesterday sitting there. Plus I threw the project I'm working on today there. So now it looks like if someone bumped the desk the entire thing could come crashing down around me. What I SHOULD do is put the project I was working on yesterday away. It's not even that far to go away it goes in the bottom drawer of a change table/dresser that used to be in Jeremy's room. Now half of it is for games, the bottom half I keep my current WIP'S in it just so that they are handy.

What Allergic to Band-aids?

Who the hell is allergic to band-aids? Oh wait that would be me. Or at least that is how it seems. So following Dr.'s instructions I kept a band-aid on my stitches changed it every day. Come last Saturday took it off, and voila nice bright red rash type thing in the shape of a band-aid. I do generally suffer from skin allergies so I guess I'm not that surprised, but band-aids. Loretta from STNA said it may even be an allergy to the sticky stuff on the band aid which could be. Oh wow they have been so itchy since Saturday now since the rash. I am finding that Tea Tree Oil is helping with that so that is good. It also seems like I'm coming down with a cold lovely. Seeing as Jeremy is a walking germ factory lol I shouldn't be surprised.

Off from work today which generally is a good thing. Jeremy has an apt. with the Pediatriatian today. I'm surprised how not nervous I am. I figure he'll either agree with the Psychologist, and I've already decided to at least try meds as much as I would rather not. Or he won't agree with the Psychologist, and then hopefully he'll have other suggestions. I don't want to turn this into a debate about ADHD drugs. No one knows the stress, heart ache, tears I've shed over this, but I honestly can't not do something that may help Jeremy.

I entered a contest yesterday check the 'Just Not Martha' button on the left side bar. So that button was one entry to win a $25 Gift Certificate from Mountain Rose Herbs. After checking out their site I found a lot of stuff I'd love to try. Seeing as I have allergic skin this is a great contest for me. I'm always afraid that something will make me break out in a rash like I would love to try the Simmons Pure Soap I think that would be good for Jeremy, Bill and I. Mountain Rose Herbs also carries shampoo and conditioner without Sodium Laureth I would probably pick the 'Kathy's Family Shampoo and Conditioner.' Can't leave my face out of things a good facial scrub is a must, and looks like Mountain Rose has one of those too so I'd like to try their Facial Scrub and the Kathy's Family Face & Body Mist only to try something less practical and more on the pampering side. I'd also order some tea tree oil have to make sure to have back up for that. Will be interesting to see who wins the contest.

Stitching News
Worked on Merlin & Arthur last night. Today is the Heaven and Earth Design SAL so I will have my bookmark pulled out to work on.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just Not In The Mood

Sometimes I get this feeling I just want to take a break from my life. Well the stressful parts anyways like WORK. You know mental health day. Today is that day. I swear if I hear one customer ask me a stupid question I may have to jump across the counter, and beat them with their own hand. Not to mention the new girl. I get a few vibes from her.....1) don't trust her vibe, 2) know it all vibe, and 3) possibly a suck up vibe, but that last one could just be she's new at the job. Not to mention she's slow, and I don't mean slow at the job I have a heart, and she's just learning. I mean slow in general or that's my opinion. At least she's off today.

Stitching News
I worked on Merlin and Arthur last night. Bill was away over night I should have worked on Needle Keep, but totally forgot about it.

Monday, September 24, 2007

No One Fell Off The Roof Yet

So this grand idea where this other guy was to come, and help get the dish set up. Yup you guessed it didn't work out. I guess Grant's wife was out of town for the weekend, Grant was out riding his quad Saturday and Sunday. Now this is the funny part Bill thought he was going to come back to work on our dish. OMG! I said honey don't even bother calling he's still going to be out at Rocky Mountain riding. Bill nope he said call at 3:00 pm. Me ~ whatever then call. Sure enough Grant hadn't even left Rocky Mountain, and well if he made it home early enough he'd come over. The look Bill gave me when Grant answered the phone was to funny. Like hahahaha he's home. Yeah until he learned that it was Grant's cell. Well seems like this comedy act is going to try and get together on Tuesday. Might be good for a laugh.

Stitching News
Worked on the Dogs last night, and found some sort of counting mistake grrrrrr. I think fixing it properly would mean having to frog what I have done on the yellow lab, and that is not happening. So I will do some creative stitching. I'll be mucking around with the background so it should look ok.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh Yip Hee A Chance to Fall Off The Roof

Well Bill has decided in his infinite wisdom that we needed a satellite dish. Of course this is a 'guy' through his work. The people we bought the house from had Star Choice so there is already a dish up there so we have this box that is all set up. So Bill and another co-worker are going to get it all set up today. So it will be cool Bill will get like sports 24/7, all the hockey and football his little mind can soak up. We'll get the pay preview movies so no more renting. Oh and we will get the Play Boy Channel which according to Bill is a good thing lol. So the only downside is Bill's work is going to be picking up more soon, and this thing is on my roof. Sooooo guess who will climbing up there if it gets covered in snow? Probably ME. That's what I need another chance to be a klutz and break my

So work tomorrow I was to have been off, but my boss being the boss she is oh we just need you to cover lunches on Monday please. I of course can't say no. Well I could, but I didn't. So Yip Hee I get to work like 3.5 hours tomorrow. But hey I'm off Wednesday, so that is good.

Stitching News
Well got an instant message from a friend about ornaments I've had way to long. So I finally got of my lazy ass and finished them. Here are the pics. I think seeing as my sewing machine is busted they turned out okay.
more ornies
stna model and finishing sept 22-07

Saturday, September 22, 2007

How's Your Vocab?

Your Vocabulary Score: B+

You have a zealous love for the English language, and many find your vocabulary edifying.
Don't fret that you didn't get every word right, your vocabulary can be easily ameliorated!

He Did It !!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I was so excited about this one thing yesterday. During the week Jeremy brought home a note from school that they had to be able to print their birthday month and day by memory. For most children this isn't a big deal, but for a kid with memory problems, and he has one of the longest months to learn to spell September I was thinking oh dear. Well I didn't miss a beat with Jeremy we went right to work. One thing I've found is he needs to experience the material in as many was as possible printing it, visually and auditory. So when he was copying his birthdate I'd also have him say each letter out loud. Then I worked on him just learning how to spell it so I broke it down into three groupings sounds that he'd repeat 'SEP', 'TEM' and 'BER.' That took two days, but on the second day it clicked. Jeremy walked around all morning spelling September. Thursday he'd then say it out loud, and spell it HIMSELF! I didn't have to drill him for hours, and I was actually able to make it a little fun. Not to mention we both kept out So the birthday quiz was yesterday, and he printed his birthdate month and day all by himself.

Stitching News
Well pulled out the dogs, and just couldn't work on them. After hearing about the job interview I just felt blah. This weekend I have some ornies I need to finish that I've had way way way to long.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Still Stuck Working At The Cult

So I was to have had an interview tomorrow at a local business. Notice how I used past tense. Well that would be because they phoned me this evening to inform me that they had already hired someone. Oh so I guess no interview tomorrow. That's the best way to fill a position DON'T interview all the candidates that way you'll get the best for the job. This is the second time in three months they are hiring for this position so Bill and I are wondering if they are looking for the best person or the first somewhat decent warm body. It still pisses me off though. So now I'm down to not getting the job without having even an interview. Yes it's probably for the best, blah blah blah dang it I just don't want to work at the cult any longer. The only good news on that front is our Customer Service Manager has taken a different position at a bank closer to her so until they fill her position (which Bill wants me to apply for yeah right) I won't have my bi-weekly performance review. Not even in the mood to stitch tonight I just feel blah.

Back off Get your Own Sandwich

Ok there is SOMEONE out there trying to get one of my hotmail accounts. Like wtf is up with that. They are free go get your own. It all started last year I got notified that I had signed up for ebay using said hotmail account. I kept emailing ebay letting them know that someone was using my hotmail account. Took about a month when I got an email from ebay saying the account had been close. I replied with good it wasn't my account lol. This person then started joining pay for survey stuff which I deleted and now wish I hadn't. It was just a slight annoyance I'd make those emails as junk, and move on. UNTIL last week when I got two notifications on two different days that I wanted to change my password. Um no I don't think so. Good thing is the notification came into my inbox so I just followed instructions to cancel the password change. Well the second time pissed me off, and there just so happened to be a junk email from this persons pogo account....hmmmmm. So I signed in on their pogo account. One good reason to get your own hotmail account, and changed their password to something like 'lickme' Juvenile yes, but I was mad. Now I wish I saved all that other crap as I'd go and changed all those passwords too....rflmao. I don't get people hotmail is free take what the 2 mins and create your own account.

Stitchy News
I actually worked on something last night. I worked on the Hunting Dogs. I'm almost done one side of the chart which would mean just the chocolate lab, and the back stitching to get done.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Challenge, Survivor, 2 Needles & 3 Stitches Later

So I've joined a couple of challenges on STNA (Stitching the Night Away). One is a blogging challenge to post at least once a day for 30 days. The other is a night time routine challenge. Do whatever you feel will make your mornings go more smoothly the night before. Both seem to be going really well for me so far. Granted it has only been like a few days for both. It's funny something as simple as making two lunches the night before, and my morning goes so much smoother.

Should be interesting Survivor starts tonight. I will be watching it woo hoo. Takes place in China no less. I can't wait.

Two needles and three stitches later that mole was removed yesterday. Those darn needles for freezing hurt don't they. Now just my whole right arm hurts ~sniff sniff yeah looking for So I may have the results of the biopsy when I go to get my stitches removed.

Stitching News
Well I had stuff out to stitch las night, but didn't work on

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

There's a Fairy at My House

I've decided there is a little Fairy at my house. This little Fairy picks up those socks Bill leaves laying around, picks up Jeremy's toys, puts Bills socks and underwear in the laundry basket. Oh wait that little fair would be me lol. The stuff just seems to happen in their world. Magically clean clothes appear, food is made and the house gets clean. Wonder what they would do if I went on strike for a day lol.

So I have to admit I watch reality TV. Yes I do. I love Amazing Race that one is my all time favorite, but I watch some of the others. So last night was the Big Brother finale, and this season had so much Drama with Dick Donato. Of all the years I've been watching reality TV I've never seen someone personally attack so many people. I mean he attacked everything peoples religion, sexual orientation, a single mom, weight, looks he left no stone unturned. And yet, they voted him to win. Now this was the kicker Bill and I had been talking about this before the show aired last night. I told Bill that Dick (aka Evil D) would win. Bill was like no no no way they would award him for being that mean to people. Hey I was right go figure. Mind you it was the best of the worst I guess. I was just thinking if I was there 1) I'd vote for Dick, because he wanted Danielle (his daughter) to get the money 2) yeah he was mean to people, but he would say it right to their faces not behind their backs 3) Danielle would do stuff behind peoples back and let her Dad be the fall guy for her. If your saying wow I can't believe she's blogging about this just remember it's 4:37 am I can't be held responsible for what I write lol.

Stitching News
Got some more done on Merlin and Arthur. Tonight is the HAED stitch a long so I'll be working on my bookmark. Look out for a pic tomorrow.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Stitching News

Well I did jack squat stitching last night. I just wasn't feeling well. Hopefully I'll get some stuff done tomorrow.

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Stitching News

I worked on The Hunting Dogs for a little bit during the day. Then when it came to evening, and I had Merlin and Arthur pulled out. I actually didn't get much done on it. I still like the coloured pencils I got at Wal-Mart yesterday. Worked well on marking both charts so that's good.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Swear I Speak a Different Language

Like wtf is going on lately. So at work Friday I swear I was repeating myself about 5 times with some customers. Even my co-worker was like what the hell they are not understanding you. Now I was born in Canada I speak English fluently it's my one and only language. So there is nothing hindering my speech. I thought this was something that only happened at my house with Bill and Jeremy. Like you look right at them speak clearly they will respond and then ask what I just said. Okay, but OMG. I just asked you to put your dishes in the dish washer. You said yes Mom, and now not even five seconds later are asking what I just said? Drive me nuts. Well then this disease followed me to the bank....

~ me ~ Hello how are you

~ them ~ Good

~ me ~ Ok go ahead and swipe your card

~them~ completely blank look

~me~ your read banking card

~them~ oh this?

~me~ yes that's it please swipe your card and enter your pin number.

Now keep in mind this isn't a new customer. This is a customer that is in the bank no less than 3 times a week, and always at a Teller.

So I continue with their transactions, and have to set up a utility bill linked to their card.

~me~ May I see your gas bill again please?

~them~ Gas bill?

~me~ Yes the one I just paid for you. I'm going to link it to your card so next time I don't have to keep the stub.

~them~ Gas Bill?

~me~ Yes that pink piece of paper is your gas bill (thinking to self how do some people even manage to get dressed in the morning?)

So Friday went as such. There was about 5 customers that I just couldn't communicate with effectively.

That brings us to Sunday. Jeremy has a friend that I'm not crazy about. He tries to take Jeremy's toys, he is able to just wander free around the neighbourhood, there's just something about this little boy that rubs me the wrong way. Now he's 5, and I understand most of what is going on is lack of supervision from his parents. Of course he hates playing here, because I have rules. I don't let them climb up on the roof or swing from the clothes line. Yes I'm a big mean bitch, and I admit it. So anyways Jeremy was outside with this one boy H. So H notices on our fence a piece that is coming away. To him it looked like a sword. H says look Jeremy a sword. Now I hear this, and say H just leave it please. H leave that alone. H don't touch that. H pulls it off. GRRRRRRRR. So I ask H to come over and see me. H comes over, and I ask him did you hear me tell you to leave the fence alone? H says yes. Yet you took off that piece anyways? He just looks away. So I let H know that he needs to listen when he is visiting here or I'll have to send him home. He then 20 seconds later walks over to part of the house and starts picking at cement that he's been told to leave alone by me and Bill. Okay thanks for playing H see ya later time to go home. So it's not just my spouse, child or people at work that don't understand me. The neighbour kids don't either. I just don't get it.

So One Really Has to Wonder do I Want to Shave My Legs?

Yeah so Bill ended up having to go into the office yesterday for about an hour. Normally with this new job if he's not on a job in the field then he doesn't have to go into the office, but he has a job today to go out on, and it's stuff he hasn't done yet so his boss had to show him some stuff. It was warm yesterday, and I was wearing shorts. Bill informed me if I was going to 'get any.' Yes my very romantic man. That I would have to shave my legs. Ok granted they were on the hairy side. The weather is cooling I have to admit I seriously thought about it. Hmmmmm I could shave my legs which takes Not to mention I'm out of shaving cream, the shaving gel strips on my razor are all but gone and my Veet yup that's out too (gees I should go shopping). Or I could forget all about it not shave and use my vibrator. Ok the vibrator isn't a warm body, it doesn't kiss very well, but it sure leaves a girl wanting Well after much thought, and consideration I thought what the hell I'll shave the legs. I'm not married to the vibrator....hehehehehe

Stitching News
Ok after much talk about working on The Hunting Dogs here is a pic. Got some more backstitching done as well. Have to say that I hate coloured charts they are evil.

great hunting dogs sept 16-07

I also have a life quest what is the best tool I can use to mark my charts. I've used highlighters for years, and am always looking for the best highlighter. Has to have lots of colours, and be fine enough to mark charts. Now Sharpie makes great highlighters, but they are expensive. So I've heard people say they use coloured pencils, but artist ones. Hmmm interesting so the other day I'm in Walmart, and for $5.97 I bought a pack that had 10 bright colours. Heck I'm thinking if they don't work out they just end up in Jeremy's crafting box. So the package said hard lead, won't break easily and bright colours. I tested them out yesterday, and the packaging didn't The lead is hard. I had tried other coloured pencils in the past, and found the lead very soft. The colours are bright, and I could even use the black or the brown as long as I didn't push to hard I could still see the symbol through the colour. The package even came with a bonus sharpener. So right now very happy with my

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Thirteen Things On My Desk

I guess this was to have been done Thursday, but here we go.....

Thirteen Things On My Desk
1~ My coffee cup
2~ The Mother's Day gift Jeremy made me at school
3~ Paper for printer
4~ Paper for drawing/crafts
5~ Paid bills
6~ My digital camera
7~ An earring I can't find the mate to
8~ My address book
9~ A clock
10~ Directory of Oil Field Companies
11~ Timer
12~ Caddy holding pens, pencils and a hole punch
13~ Harry Potter stickers

Yes Sometimes You Need to be a Dad

Now first off let me say 90% of the time Bill is great. He'll unload the dishwasher, do the laundry, vacuum and has even been known to cook dinner once in a while. Generally speaking there's not much I can complain about. That doesn't stop me from You get the idea. Now yesterday I worked 9:45 am to 6:15 pm, and generally speaking Bill is off early on Friday. So I was thinking ok Jeremy is done school at 3:20 pm Bill should be home. Well Bill's first plan was to go out drinking with a buddy from school. Um excuse me no. Bill was on the verge of giving me attitude. I said hold it almost any time you want to go out with Brian I don't give you a hard time. I was just saying that sometimes you have a responsibility to be home after work to help me out. Oh I had to hold my anger back on that Turned out that he ended up having to be at the office all day he has a job to go out on Sunday. So yeah stuff happens. Ok I arrange with my boss. Darn it I hate to admit that the cult is accommodating....grrrr....pick up Jeremy, and bring him back to the bank with me. Now Bill was to finish his work, and then grab Jeremy from the bank. Nope that didn't happen he ended up going out for drinks with people he works with. I'm like grrrrrr. I got lucky that a friend of Jeremy's Mom was in the bank, and asked if Jeremy could go with her. Give her son something to I said yeah no problem. They live just down the street from us. See I know that part of the reason I was annoyed with Bill is I don't have people or a friend to go out with for drinks or even coffee in this town. Yeah I was feeling a little sorry for myself yesterday.

Stitching News
Looks like the UFO (unfinished object) RR (Round Robin) that I joined will start next Month. Still not sure what to send. Oh my goodness I got like 300 skeins of DMC in the mail yesterday. How excited was I? Walmart is shutting down it's craft sections is some stores in the US so I asked a fellow stitcher to get me one of every colour she could, and 300 skeins later. Bill was like wow when he saw how it filled up an entire shoe box. I didn't do any stitching yesterday, but hope to make up for it today.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Meet the Teacher

So last night was an Open House at the School, and get to meet Jeremy's Teacher. I had already meet her, and talked to her during the week. It was still nice to go. I have noticed that Jeremy's work thus far this year is complete, neat and more correct than last year. So that is good. He's also sitting as his desk doing his work much better than last year. Granted it's only the second week of Working in group situations or with a partner is a struggle for him to concentrate, and not visit, but I'll take any improvement at this stage. Won't write much today as I don't have much to say at this

Stitching News
Last night was the SAL (stitch a long) for HAED. I worked on my bookmark. Check out pic. Not sure if I made much progress, but I got some stitches done. The pic looks funny, because I didn't flatten out the fabbie at all before I too the

sk story keeper sept 13-07

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Anniversary of 9/11 Yesterday

Wow it's hard to believe that yesterday was the anniversary of 9/11. I remember laying on the couch with Jeremy he wasn't even a year old, nursing him and watching Little House in the Prairie, yeah geeky I know, and that show was interrupted. I knew then if they were interrupting Little House in the Prairie then something big happened. So I watched in shock as the first building fell, then watched the the live footage as the plane went into the second building. I remember calling Bill as he was up in Mackenzie, BC at the time. At first he didn't believe me, but then others in the office were talking about it. So when I look back, my thoughts go out to those that lost a family member, the rescue workers that are still suffering health problems, and those that were touched by such an unthinkable act. This kind of stuff has always touched me. One big reason I don't watch the news much. When Tiananmen Square happened I'd have to leave the room as my parents were news junkies I'd get to emotional. Now I just don't watch the news much. Like that movie with Nicholas Cage 9/11 I won't even see it just to emotional. If it still bothers me like that I can't imagine how it would be for others who were directly involved my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Stitching News
If you guessed more Merlin and Arthur yup you are right. I joined a UFO RR that I thought was to have started early this month, but I haven't been updated with a start date. Heck I don't even know what I want to Wind Swept Santa in the hopes of third time is a charm, and he comes back complete? Or the Thomas Kinkade that Bill bought that I just can't make myself work on? Oh the decisions. These are stitchers not put off by evenweave so I could even send along my Lady of Shallot. I guess time will tell which one I send.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shouldn't I Get a Prize or Something

Well Bill had to be up by 4:00 am as he has work to do in Cold Lake today, and the guy he was going with didn't want to drive up there last night. Yeah makes much more sense to get up at the crack of dawn, and drive 3 - 4 hours tired, but whatever. So as the good wife I am, ok let's be honest here the good wife I pretend to be I got up with him. It's interesting being up that early first off I can't sit down or I'll fall right back to sleep. So I made Jeremy's lunch, tidied up the kitchen, wiped down the counters and swept the floor. I also checked my e-mail while Bill was in the shower. I figure getting up at 4:00 am just so Bill doesn't fell totally alone I earn some sort of prize or something don't I?

Oh job hunging news I got a call for a position in Camrose (about 25 mins away). I'll call them back this morning to try and arrange an interview. I can only make it tomorrow, and then it would have to be next week so we will see. It's not ideal I'd rather be working in town, but anything is better than working for the Cult.

Stitching News
Again last night worked on Merlin and Arthur this page is moving along quickly. Well as quickly as it can for a

Monday, September 10, 2007

Woo Hoo New PJ Bottoms

So I had a pair of PJ Bottoms that I liked. They were comfy and nice to wear just around the house in the evenings. Well with me losing weight I got to the point where I HAD to have the draw string done up. Just like in Stacey fashion one day I didn't, and the cuff got under my foot I went to take a step, and put my knee right through the PJ Bottoms :( Well Bill and I went out shopping yesterday, and bought me NEW ONES they are fleece, black and grey, and yes very cozy. They will be warm on the freezing Alberta evenings Imust say.

So Bill has Sirius radio in his work truck, and heard about a million 'you know your a red neck jokes' on the last job he was out on. So yesterday I googled them. I have a friend Frank going through a rough time so I thought I'd leave a few of those jokes on his answering machine. I also googled 'you know your from Vancouver if...' jokes as well. Being a former Vancouver girl (that's Vancouver BC, not Washington) I have to post a few I thought were the most funny:

~you know your from Vancouver when you can point to two ski hills even on a cloud day
~you know your from Vancouver during your first trip in the prairies and you panic, no mountains, no ocean and you don't know where north is
~you know your from Vancouver when you know that west side, west end, and west vancouver all all different places
~you know your from Vancouver when you get so confused with 3 inches of snow and you try to snort it
~you know your from Vancouver when you can't remember is pot illegal?
~you know your from Vancouver when you take a bus and are shocked two people are carrying on a conversation in English
~you know your from Vancouver when your hairdresser is straight, your plumber is gay, the woman who delivers your mail is into BDSM, and your Mary Kay rep is a guy in drag.
~ you know your from Vancouver when you know how to pronounce Squamish, Osoyoos, Coquitlam, Nanaimo, Chilliwack, and Tsawwassen

I thought these were to funny. Makes me think of

I head into work today at 9:15am for my bi-weekly performance review. They call it a coaching meeting in the cult (the cult being the bank), but I know differently. Have I mentioned I hate working at the cult?

Stitching News.
I WAS going to work on the Dogs, but Merlin & Arthur was already in my Q-snaps so I just went with See that's the key if I take it out then I'll pull out the Dogs. Posted a pic of Merlin & Arthur on a message board, and hardly anyone responded. One has to be one of the popular posters I guess. Oh well.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

This is for all the Men

Ok there's a contraception in the bathroom it holds the toilet paper on the hanger. Now guys when the roll is empty ya just take it off. It's actually a very simple process the piece the toilet paper hangs on pushes in slightly then you slip off the old tube, and put on the new roll. I swear you do this you wife, girlfriend, or partner won't know what has happened. She might wonder if another woman has been in the house lol

Not sure what are plans are today. It's actually sunny out so we may go on a family walk, and end up at the park. That's always fun. I actually got all my laundry done (well it's washed and dryed I just have to fold it and put it away) as Bill might get called out on a job today. He's hoping not as he doesn't want to miss the Saskatachewn Football game.

Changed batteries in my digital camera yesterday, and then it woudn't work grrrr. I got the battereis at the dollar store so I'm hoping it's just that the battereis are old, and don't have a lot of juice left in them. As I used the camera yesterday morning, and it was fine except needing the new batteries I'm almost certain that is the case.

Stitching News
I continued working on Merlin and Arthur. This page looks like it won't be as much confetti. Tonight I'm going to try and work on the hunting dogs.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Well I actually had a comment on my blog. A real to life comment. Woo hoo. How excited was I? Got up and did a little happy dance I did. Hmmm wonder if that counts as exercise?

I guess I kind of sounded nervous about the mole removal in my blog yesterday. This isn't the first mole I have to get removed. I had one right under my left eye close enough to the eye that I had to see a plastic surgeon to have it removed. Gave birth to DS without drugs, and had my wisdom teeth pulled with just freezing. Not that these are badges to rub into people's faces just facts that medical procedures don't make me nervous. When the first Dr. said it looked like Cancer that kind of made me nervous. This Dr. yesterday even though he couldn't remove it at the Hospital did look at it, and he doesn't think it is Cancer. So that is good, but he won't know for sure until the biopsy is done. I tried to call the clinic to make an apt, and of course the power was out no one was answering the phone at the clinic. Then when the power went back on I was to busy at the bank to get away to make the call. Go figure hey. I'll give them a call today.

Job hunt. Well I applied for 3 things this week, and still not a call back. Ok, ok granted it might be to early to hear anything, but hey it's ME. Don't they know I'm

Stitching News
Well good news is I finished another page on Merlin and Arthur. So that makes 24 pages done. Woo hoo go me.
Image hosted by

by jeremyagain

Friday, September 07, 2007

Off to the Hospital Today

Well about a week and a half ago I went to the Dr. to have a mole checked out, and my Dr. figures that it looks like skin cancer, but contained meaning it's not going to spread. So I'm going to try to get it removed this morning. Going to be at the Hospital at like 8:00 am. They will then do a biopsy on the mole. So I'll know 100% either way. Then it's at work until like 6:15 this evening.

The job hunt is starting to get to me. I live in a town of about 13,000 people so we are not talking a big town. I have like 10 plus years experience doing admin type work, and I can't steal an interview. Oh wait unless I'm on vacation in Vancouver. Seriously when we were in Vancouver visiting our families I got 3 phone calls for interviews ~sigh~ Of course none were willing to wait 3 days for us to come home. So back to my job hunt. So I'm applying to stuff I see in the paper, and then not hearing back. So I'm learning that in this town it's not what you know it's who you know, and we haven't even lived here a year so I know no one. I applied for a Reception position at like Kal Tire (they sell tires in case you couldn't figure it, and I didn't even get an interview. I'm smart, hard working, great attitude and attractive what is going on here? I mean yes I'm working now 20 hours a week, but I can't stand it. I think what really gets to me is the up selling. Trying to talk customers into Visas, loans, mortgages etc yup I have quotas I have to make have to get so many butts booked for appointments. Now for the privilege to help the lovely customers we the tellers get to put up with customers yelling at us, swearing at us, telling lies....grrrrrr

Ok enough grumbling. Today is Friday so that is good. Tomorrow is the start of the weekend....woo hoo, and hubby got home yesterday.

Stitching News
Last night just worked on The Hunting Dogs. My plan is to take a pic of it sometime on the weekend. My DMC floss is on it's way. I can't wait for it to arrive *S*

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Man I'm in a Mood

I have to start at like 8: am this morning. Not sure why all of us tellers are in at 8:00 am seeing as the bank doesn't open until 10:00 am. We will probably have to do some banking cult type thing. 'Oh great isn't it wonderful to work for this bank.' 'We are here to make the customer financially more sucessful.' Yeah I swear there are people that work at this bank that if something happened and they had to leave I don't think they'd know what to do with themselves. Their lives is entirely about working for the bank.

Stitching News
Well yesterday was the SAL on HAED well I didn't get much done you can judge for yourself.

storykeeper sept 5-07

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

WTF Do You Think I Was Doing at 5:00 AM?

So DH got a call last night to go out on a job today. Should only be a couple of days. It was werid we didn't hear his cell ring so the company called the house. DH's cell has been acting up for a few weeks. Has he gone to have it checked out? No of course not ~roll eyes~ That would be way to easy. So I help DH make sure he has all his stuff ready. See I can be helpful and So 4:00 am rolls around, and I get up with DH to see him off. Amazing how much cleaning one can get done between 4:00 am and 4:26 am. That's what I did while DH showered, got dressed etc. That way I wouldn't fall asleep at the kitchen table roflmao. So about 4:26 am hugs and kisses for DH, and I then fall back into bed and right to sleep.....ahhhhh bliss the entire bed to myself. I got up again about 7:00 am, and DS joined me. We go through our normal morning routine. About 8:00 am the phone rings it's DH. He's asking where I have been. I'm like where do YOU think I've been I'm here at home. He's like I've been calling you since 5:00 am. Me, I went back to bed when you left until 7:00 am, and didn't take the phone with me (I don't hear it downstairs). DH, Well there's a static message on my cell I think it might be work. So I check our phone, and no his work didn't call the house this morning at all. I call DH back to let him know that. But come on really what did he think I was going to do at 4:26 am, run downstairs and grab the phone just in case he might call? Like gees give your head a shake man. How dare I not be around for his beck and call at 5:00 am huh? Geess have to love PMS huh? Oh well this will pass by the time he gets home in a few days.

Stitching News
Well worked on Merlin & Arthur last night. Almost done another page can't wait. Today is a SAL (stitch a long) either QS (Quick Stitches) or SK (Story Keeps). I'll be working on my SK Storykeeper.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So The First Day of School

Yup as probably many (ok to many blogs) out there are going to be touting the first day of school. I'll try to keep my remarks on the subject brief. Yes DS starts school today, and he's in Grade One again. My wish for him this year is we can get him to settle down enough so that he's able to absorb information. DS was diagnosed with ADHD along with other learning challenges ~sigh~ That was a hard blow. I had challenges all through school even repeated Grade Three so I know the long road ahead of DS. So we are waiting to get to see a Pediatrician, and discuss Drugs. Yes I know all the negatives out there for using Drugs. Trust me I'm not pro-drugs that for sure. Right now I just can't pass up something that MIGHT help him learn. I need to look at every option, and make what I feel is the best decision. Like I said I just want to get DS to the place where he is able to accept most of the information that is being presented. That's my wish for DS this school year. I wish for me to be organised, and get things ready the night before. Not that we calmer around, but if things are ready the night before that's just less stuff to stress about in the morning right? See I know that in my head, but putting it into action WHOLE other story.

Stitching News
Well I got loads done on the Hunting Dogs. I'll post a pic sometime this week I'm thinking of it. Today I don't start work until noon today so I'm going to use my morning after kiddo is at school to work on Merlin & Arthur.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labour Day Woo Hoo

So yesterday wasn't the lazy Sunday that I would have liked, but it wasn't that bad. Ended up going to West Edmonton Mall, and just looking around. We'd really like to get some new dishes. We've been married for ten years I know OMG right, and the dishes we are using right now are dishes I've had since I had my first apartment. So they are parts of two sets one white, and one dark green. So now after 10 years we figure we should get 'our' own set. Yeah guess we are ready for grown up dishes. So we had already checked out Walmart and Canadian Tire in town here as well as Ikea. Walmart had something that was acceptable, but I wanted to see more options. Don't want flowers just a nice bright happy colour, and the set at Walmart was white and black. Not exactly So yesterday we check out The Bay and Stokes, and believe it or not the choice was either flowers or pottery looking sets. Grrrrrrr. So after that whole experiment looks like we are going to get the set at Oh well it was still a day out, and there is always stuff to look at in that Mall. Wow we were in one Men's store what is with distressing? Ok I understand distressing furniture and the look in home decorating, but distressed clothes? This one store had mens khaki shorts they were decent shorts, BUT they were frayed along the cuffs and pockets, but not to mention they were paint splattered. Yes covered in white paint. WTF is up with that? Oh and for these shorts that were falling apart, and ruined with paint you had to pay the price of $69 for the privilege of wearing them. I told DH if he gave me $20 I'd splatter paint on his shorts, and he'd be saving himself $50. All the men's clothes were like that. I guess I'm not very fashionable. We of course made it back home in time for DH to catch Saskatchewan's football game. I don't even know who they were playing against. I do know that Saskatchewan won DH is a fan. DS played with some friends, and later DH and I watched Big Brother yeah we are geeks. So all in all a pretty good day.

Stitching News
Oh wow I'm so excited. I guess Walmart in the States (I'm not sure about Canada) is getting rid of their craft sections, and is selling they DMC for like .10. Well a lovely lady from STNA has liked picked me up 300 skeins. Up here that would cost me about $120, but the 300 with this sale is only like $30. Can't wait for it to arrive.

Yesterday I worked on Merlin & Arthur as well as the Hunting Dogs.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lazy Sunday?

Wondering if I'll actually have one of those. Laze around and not do much? Settle down watch movies, and stitch for most of the day. Probably not. I'll probably end up cleaning the house, putting laundry away, satisfying what my two men may require. I may be able to get in a 30 min bath take a book with me and just enjoy the relative peace. I'll try to ignore the banging on the door every 5 mins 'MOM ARE YOU DONE YET?' Maybe I could just pretend that I'm at a Spa being Ah no worries DS starts school on Tuesday, and though I hate my job at least I'm not working 8 hours every day so I'll get at least an hour every morning by myself. DH has just started a new job. He still will being doing stuff out in the field, but when he's not in the field he has to drive to and from Edmonton everyday. Trust me there are times he's just as demanding or more demanding than I do love them both I really do lol.

Stitching News
Well I didn't get much done yesterday put in some time on Merlin & Arthur. I'll work on that one again this morning.

I'm looking for the blog that did the stitching question of the day/week so if anyone knows of it could you please let me know?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

To Blog or not to Blog

Well it's been almost a year since the last time I posted to my blog. Never really kept a diary so I guess that's why I'm not a very dedicated blogger, but I will give it a go again. I can't believe school starts for DS next week. Still need to get all his supplies yeah been lazy on that front.

Stitching News
I have like 4 things on the go I've posted pics below.

1) is Merlin & Arthur merlin & arthur aug 12-07,
2) Great Hunting Dogs great hunting dogs aug 21-07
3) Needle Guardian needle guardian aug 27-07
4) a bookmark sk storykeeper aug 22-07

I've also just signed up for a UFO RR so I'm looking forward to that.