Saturday, September 15, 2007

Yes Sometimes You Need to be a Dad

Now first off let me say 90% of the time Bill is great. He'll unload the dishwasher, do the laundry, vacuum and has even been known to cook dinner once in a while. Generally speaking there's not much I can complain about. That doesn't stop me from You get the idea. Now yesterday I worked 9:45 am to 6:15 pm, and generally speaking Bill is off early on Friday. So I was thinking ok Jeremy is done school at 3:20 pm Bill should be home. Well Bill's first plan was to go out drinking with a buddy from school. Um excuse me no. Bill was on the verge of giving me attitude. I said hold it almost any time you want to go out with Brian I don't give you a hard time. I was just saying that sometimes you have a responsibility to be home after work to help me out. Oh I had to hold my anger back on that Turned out that he ended up having to be at the office all day he has a job to go out on Sunday. So yeah stuff happens. Ok I arrange with my boss. Darn it I hate to admit that the cult is accommodating....grrrr....pick up Jeremy, and bring him back to the bank with me. Now Bill was to finish his work, and then grab Jeremy from the bank. Nope that didn't happen he ended up going out for drinks with people he works with. I'm like grrrrrr. I got lucky that a friend of Jeremy's Mom was in the bank, and asked if Jeremy could go with her. Give her son something to I said yeah no problem. They live just down the street from us. See I know that part of the reason I was annoyed with Bill is I don't have people or a friend to go out with for drinks or even coffee in this town. Yeah I was feeling a little sorry for myself yesterday.

Stitching News
Looks like the UFO (unfinished object) RR (Round Robin) that I joined will start next Month. Still not sure what to send. Oh my goodness I got like 300 skeins of DMC in the mail yesterday. How excited was I? Walmart is shutting down it's craft sections is some stores in the US so I asked a fellow stitcher to get me one of every colour she could, and 300 skeins later. Bill was like wow when he saw how it filled up an entire shoe box. I didn't do any stitching yesterday, but hope to make up for it today.


Darlene said...

How lucky are you?!!! I have to order DMC on line now. Michaels and Joanns carry only a few colors, never any that I need. Where have all the stitchers gone? Just found your site and enjoy it. Had to leave a note.

Stacey said...

Hey Darlene thanks for posting. Yeah ordering DMC online can get pricy. If I have to order it I use how about you? See I always think there are loads of stitcher as I vist stitching message boards etc, but when I say go to Michaels see that they have hardly anything I wonder the same as you. Where have they gone?