Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So The First Day of School

Yup as probably many (ok to many blogs) out there are going to be touting the first day of school. I'll try to keep my remarks on the subject brief. Yes DS starts school today, and he's in Grade One again. My wish for him this year is we can get him to settle down enough so that he's able to absorb information. DS was diagnosed with ADHD along with other learning challenges ~sigh~ That was a hard blow. I had challenges all through school even repeated Grade Three so I know the long road ahead of DS. So we are waiting to get to see a Pediatrician, and discuss Drugs. Yes I know all the negatives out there for using Drugs. Trust me I'm not pro-drugs that for sure. Right now I just can't pass up something that MIGHT help him learn. I need to look at every option, and make what I feel is the best decision. Like I said I just want to get DS to the place where he is able to accept most of the information that is being presented. That's my wish for DS this school year. I wish for me to be organised, and get things ready the night before. Not that we calmer around, but if things are ready the night before that's just less stuff to stress about in the morning right? See I know that in my head, but putting it into action WHOLE other story.

Stitching News
Well I got loads done on the Hunting Dogs. I'll post a pic sometime this week I'm thinking of it. Today I don't start work until noon today so I'm going to use my morning after kiddo is at school to work on Merlin & Arthur.

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