Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh Yip Hee A Chance to Fall Off The Roof

Well Bill has decided in his infinite wisdom that we needed a satellite dish. Of course this is a 'guy' through his work. The people we bought the house from had Star Choice so there is already a dish up there so we have this box that is all set up. So Bill and another co-worker are going to get it all set up today. So it will be cool Bill will get like sports 24/7, all the hockey and football his little mind can soak up. We'll get the pay preview movies so no more renting. Oh and we will get the Play Boy Channel which according to Bill is a good thing lol. So the only downside is Bill's work is going to be picking up more soon, and this thing is on my roof. Sooooo guess who will climbing up there if it gets covered in snow? Probably ME. That's what I need another chance to be a klutz and break my

So work tomorrow I was to have been off, but my boss being the boss she is oh we just need you to cover lunches on Monday please. I of course can't say no. Well I could, but I didn't. So Yip Hee I get to work like 3.5 hours tomorrow. But hey I'm off Wednesday, so that is good.

Stitching News
Well got an instant message from a friend about ornaments I've had way to long. So I finally got of my lazy ass and finished them. Here are the pics. I think seeing as my sewing machine is busted they turned out okay.
more ornies
stna model and finishing sept 22-07

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Emily said...

Those are really nice, Stacey!