Sunday, September 16, 2007

So One Really Has to Wonder do I Want to Shave My Legs?

Yeah so Bill ended up having to go into the office yesterday for about an hour. Normally with this new job if he's not on a job in the field then he doesn't have to go into the office, but he has a job today to go out on, and it's stuff he hasn't done yet so his boss had to show him some stuff. It was warm yesterday, and I was wearing shorts. Bill informed me if I was going to 'get any.' Yes my very romantic man. That I would have to shave my legs. Ok granted they were on the hairy side. The weather is cooling I have to admit I seriously thought about it. Hmmmmm I could shave my legs which takes Not to mention I'm out of shaving cream, the shaving gel strips on my razor are all but gone and my Veet yup that's out too (gees I should go shopping). Or I could forget all about it not shave and use my vibrator. Ok the vibrator isn't a warm body, it doesn't kiss very well, but it sure leaves a girl wanting Well after much thought, and consideration I thought what the hell I'll shave the legs. I'm not married to the vibrator....hehehehehe

Stitching News
Ok after much talk about working on The Hunting Dogs here is a pic. Got some more backstitching done as well. Have to say that I hate coloured charts they are evil.

great hunting dogs sept 16-07

I also have a life quest what is the best tool I can use to mark my charts. I've used highlighters for years, and am always looking for the best highlighter. Has to have lots of colours, and be fine enough to mark charts. Now Sharpie makes great highlighters, but they are expensive. So I've heard people say they use coloured pencils, but artist ones. Hmmm interesting so the other day I'm in Walmart, and for $5.97 I bought a pack that had 10 bright colours. Heck I'm thinking if they don't work out they just end up in Jeremy's crafting box. So the package said hard lead, won't break easily and bright colours. I tested them out yesterday, and the packaging didn't The lead is hard. I had tried other coloured pencils in the past, and found the lead very soft. The colours are bright, and I could even use the black or the brown as long as I didn't push to hard I could still see the symbol through the colour. The package even came with a bonus sharpener. So right now very happy with my

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