Friday, September 07, 2007

Off to the Hospital Today

Well about a week and a half ago I went to the Dr. to have a mole checked out, and my Dr. figures that it looks like skin cancer, but contained meaning it's not going to spread. So I'm going to try to get it removed this morning. Going to be at the Hospital at like 8:00 am. They will then do a biopsy on the mole. So I'll know 100% either way. Then it's at work until like 6:15 this evening.

The job hunt is starting to get to me. I live in a town of about 13,000 people so we are not talking a big town. I have like 10 plus years experience doing admin type work, and I can't steal an interview. Oh wait unless I'm on vacation in Vancouver. Seriously when we were in Vancouver visiting our families I got 3 phone calls for interviews ~sigh~ Of course none were willing to wait 3 days for us to come home. So back to my job hunt. So I'm applying to stuff I see in the paper, and then not hearing back. So I'm learning that in this town it's not what you know it's who you know, and we haven't even lived here a year so I know no one. I applied for a Reception position at like Kal Tire (they sell tires in case you couldn't figure it, and I didn't even get an interview. I'm smart, hard working, great attitude and attractive what is going on here? I mean yes I'm working now 20 hours a week, but I can't stand it. I think what really gets to me is the up selling. Trying to talk customers into Visas, loans, mortgages etc yup I have quotas I have to make have to get so many butts booked for appointments. Now for the privilege to help the lovely customers we the tellers get to put up with customers yelling at us, swearing at us, telling lies....grrrrrr

Ok enough grumbling. Today is Friday so that is good. Tomorrow is the start of the weekend....woo hoo, and hubby got home yesterday.

Stitching News
Last night just worked on The Hunting Dogs. My plan is to take a pic of it sometime on the weekend. My DMC floss is on it's way. I can't wait for it to arrive *S*


Anji said...

I expect by now you know that having a mole removed is a piece of cake. I had one removed several years ago and it was fine. I think most of them are - best to get THAT worry out of the way. How long do you have to wait for the results?

Stacey said...

Well turns out longer that I thought. Apparently the Dr. couldn't do it at the Hospital so I have to make an apt. to get it done.