Saturday, September 08, 2007


Well I actually had a comment on my blog. A real to life comment. Woo hoo. How excited was I? Got up and did a little happy dance I did. Hmmm wonder if that counts as exercise?

I guess I kind of sounded nervous about the mole removal in my blog yesterday. This isn't the first mole I have to get removed. I had one right under my left eye close enough to the eye that I had to see a plastic surgeon to have it removed. Gave birth to DS without drugs, and had my wisdom teeth pulled with just freezing. Not that these are badges to rub into people's faces just facts that medical procedures don't make me nervous. When the first Dr. said it looked like Cancer that kind of made me nervous. This Dr. yesterday even though he couldn't remove it at the Hospital did look at it, and he doesn't think it is Cancer. So that is good, but he won't know for sure until the biopsy is done. I tried to call the clinic to make an apt, and of course the power was out no one was answering the phone at the clinic. Then when the power went back on I was to busy at the bank to get away to make the call. Go figure hey. I'll give them a call today.

Job hunt. Well I applied for 3 things this week, and still not a call back. Ok, ok granted it might be to early to hear anything, but hey it's ME. Don't they know I'm

Stitching News
Well good news is I finished another page on Merlin and Arthur. So that makes 24 pages done. Woo hoo go me.
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Retta said...

Holy smokes M&A has really come along nicely!!

Anji said...

Here's another comment!

Same as you; gave birth (three times) without drugs and my wisdom teeth popped out so easily I went straight back to work- in a bank!

Hope you get your apt. soon.

Thanks for visiting mine

Stacey said...

retta yeah it's almost half way.

Anji woo hoo another comment. Mine didn't pop out (wisdom teeth) he had some digging to do, but it wasn't that bad at all.