Friday, September 21, 2007

Still Stuck Working At The Cult

So I was to have had an interview tomorrow at a local business. Notice how I used past tense. Well that would be because they phoned me this evening to inform me that they had already hired someone. Oh so I guess no interview tomorrow. That's the best way to fill a position DON'T interview all the candidates that way you'll get the best for the job. This is the second time in three months they are hiring for this position so Bill and I are wondering if they are looking for the best person or the first somewhat decent warm body. It still pisses me off though. So now I'm down to not getting the job without having even an interview. Yes it's probably for the best, blah blah blah dang it I just don't want to work at the cult any longer. The only good news on that front is our Customer Service Manager has taken a different position at a bank closer to her so until they fill her position (which Bill wants me to apply for yeah right) I won't have my bi-weekly performance review. Not even in the mood to stitch tonight I just feel blah.

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Coffee Break Whatever said...

Stacy - My husband is having the same problem - for the last 45 years! He has been in construction for 30 years, piped/plumbed/HAVC everything from houses to nuclear power plants. Started as apprentice and worked way up to Field Superintendent. Heh as had employers tell him he is exactly what they are looking for, can't find qualified help anywhere. But do they hire him. NO! We were dumbfounded at first, but have since figured for 2 reasons, they wont' hire a qualified person.
1. this new person knows more than the person hiring them and that person doesn't want to loose their job to the new guy or be shown as less important to the company than the new guy and...
2. It's all in how MUCH salary you will work for. If employers can get someone less qualified for less money, they'd rather do that and deal with the constant problems it brings instead of paying a little more for a qualified person who can just jump in and run with the job and get it done. Good luck to you guys!