Wednesday, September 05, 2007

WTF Do You Think I Was Doing at 5:00 AM?

So DH got a call last night to go out on a job today. Should only be a couple of days. It was werid we didn't hear his cell ring so the company called the house. DH's cell has been acting up for a few weeks. Has he gone to have it checked out? No of course not ~roll eyes~ That would be way to easy. So I help DH make sure he has all his stuff ready. See I can be helpful and So 4:00 am rolls around, and I get up with DH to see him off. Amazing how much cleaning one can get done between 4:00 am and 4:26 am. That's what I did while DH showered, got dressed etc. That way I wouldn't fall asleep at the kitchen table roflmao. So about 4:26 am hugs and kisses for DH, and I then fall back into bed and right to sleep.....ahhhhh bliss the entire bed to myself. I got up again about 7:00 am, and DS joined me. We go through our normal morning routine. About 8:00 am the phone rings it's DH. He's asking where I have been. I'm like where do YOU think I've been I'm here at home. He's like I've been calling you since 5:00 am. Me, I went back to bed when you left until 7:00 am, and didn't take the phone with me (I don't hear it downstairs). DH, Well there's a static message on my cell I think it might be work. So I check our phone, and no his work didn't call the house this morning at all. I call DH back to let him know that. But come on really what did he think I was going to do at 4:26 am, run downstairs and grab the phone just in case he might call? Like gees give your head a shake man. How dare I not be around for his beck and call at 5:00 am huh? Geess have to love PMS huh? Oh well this will pass by the time he gets home in a few days.

Stitching News
Well worked on Merlin & Arthur last night. Almost done another page can't wait. Today is a SAL (stitch a long) either QS (Quick Stitches) or SK (Story Keeps). I'll be working on my SK Storykeeper.

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