Monday, September 24, 2007

No One Fell Off The Roof Yet

So this grand idea where this other guy was to come, and help get the dish set up. Yup you guessed it didn't work out. I guess Grant's wife was out of town for the weekend, Grant was out riding his quad Saturday and Sunday. Now this is the funny part Bill thought he was going to come back to work on our dish. OMG! I said honey don't even bother calling he's still going to be out at Rocky Mountain riding. Bill nope he said call at 3:00 pm. Me ~ whatever then call. Sure enough Grant hadn't even left Rocky Mountain, and well if he made it home early enough he'd come over. The look Bill gave me when Grant answered the phone was to funny. Like hahahaha he's home. Yeah until he learned that it was Grant's cell. Well seems like this comedy act is going to try and get together on Tuesday. Might be good for a laugh.

Stitching News
Worked on the Dogs last night, and found some sort of counting mistake grrrrrr. I think fixing it properly would mean having to frog what I have done on the yellow lab, and that is not happening. So I will do some creative stitching. I'll be mucking around with the background so it should look ok.

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