Monday, September 03, 2007

Labour Day Woo Hoo

So yesterday wasn't the lazy Sunday that I would have liked, but it wasn't that bad. Ended up going to West Edmonton Mall, and just looking around. We'd really like to get some new dishes. We've been married for ten years I know OMG right, and the dishes we are using right now are dishes I've had since I had my first apartment. So they are parts of two sets one white, and one dark green. So now after 10 years we figure we should get 'our' own set. Yeah guess we are ready for grown up dishes. So we had already checked out Walmart and Canadian Tire in town here as well as Ikea. Walmart had something that was acceptable, but I wanted to see more options. Don't want flowers just a nice bright happy colour, and the set at Walmart was white and black. Not exactly So yesterday we check out The Bay and Stokes, and believe it or not the choice was either flowers or pottery looking sets. Grrrrrrr. So after that whole experiment looks like we are going to get the set at Oh well it was still a day out, and there is always stuff to look at in that Mall. Wow we were in one Men's store what is with distressing? Ok I understand distressing furniture and the look in home decorating, but distressed clothes? This one store had mens khaki shorts they were decent shorts, BUT they were frayed along the cuffs and pockets, but not to mention they were paint splattered. Yes covered in white paint. WTF is up with that? Oh and for these shorts that were falling apart, and ruined with paint you had to pay the price of $69 for the privilege of wearing them. I told DH if he gave me $20 I'd splatter paint on his shorts, and he'd be saving himself $50. All the men's clothes were like that. I guess I'm not very fashionable. We of course made it back home in time for DH to catch Saskatchewan's football game. I don't even know who they were playing against. I do know that Saskatchewan won DH is a fan. DS played with some friends, and later DH and I watched Big Brother yeah we are geeks. So all in all a pretty good day.

Stitching News
Oh wow I'm so excited. I guess Walmart in the States (I'm not sure about Canada) is getting rid of their craft sections, and is selling they DMC for like .10. Well a lovely lady from STNA has liked picked me up 300 skeins. Up here that would cost me about $120, but the 300 with this sale is only like $30. Can't wait for it to arrive.

Yesterday I worked on Merlin & Arthur as well as the Hunting Dogs.

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