Thursday, September 27, 2007

But I Don't Want To Pee In A Cup

So Jeremy's apt with the Pediatrician went okay. He did the all over looky loo, and then sent us off to get some tests done. First off have to rule out any medical conditions, and then go from there which is smart. So I informed Mr. Jeremy he'd have to pee in a cup. Well you would of thought I told him he'd have to drink it too. He was adamant I'M NOT PEEING IN A CUP. Um okay guess I won't be telling you how they get the blood out of you then lol. So I take him out to lunch, because I know what's coming up. After lunch we head over to the lab. She calls Jeremy, and asks if he has ever had blood taken before as I'm shaking my head no behind him. So he sits in the big chair, and she gets all her stuff out. Explains to him what every thing is this will clean your arm, this will hold your blood, this I'll use to stop the bleeding, and this is the needle I'll put into your arm. Jeremy then clues in, and says 'this is going to hurt isn't it?' So she was honest (like why lie to them) yes it will a little. So poor little guy I squatted in front of him put one hand on his knee the other hand on his free arm, and she did her thing. Oh wow did he yell when the needle went in, and even a few tears. He tried so hard to be brave. So after she took for tubes of blood I look at Jeremy, and said 'see you were afraid to pee in the cup.' So off we go to the bathroom with said cup. As soon as the door to the bathroom shut that's when he lost it. Real big crying arms thrown around me Mom I just want to go home....uh right in the heart that gets ya. So we had a nice big long hug. He calmed down, and actually went in the cup. So got all the tests done, and Jeremy went back to school for the afternoon, and had a big story to tell.

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Rachael said...

Awww,what a brave lad...a big hug for Jeremy{{{{hug}}}} It's weird but I get more upset than my kids when needles are involved but I always pretend it's all ok!! :)