Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What Allergic to Band-aids?

Who the hell is allergic to band-aids? Oh wait that would be me. Or at least that is how it seems. So following Dr.'s instructions I kept a band-aid on my stitches changed it every day. Come last Saturday took it off, and voila nice bright red rash type thing in the shape of a band-aid. I do generally suffer from skin allergies so I guess I'm not that surprised, but band-aids. Loretta from STNA said it may even be an allergy to the sticky stuff on the band aid which could be. Oh wow they have been so itchy since Saturday now since the rash. I am finding that Tea Tree Oil is helping with that so that is good. It also seems like I'm coming down with a cold lovely. Seeing as Jeremy is a walking germ factory lol I shouldn't be surprised.

Off from work today which generally is a good thing. Jeremy has an apt. with the Pediatriatian today. I'm surprised how not nervous I am. I figure he'll either agree with the Psychologist, and I've already decided to at least try meds as much as I would rather not. Or he won't agree with the Psychologist, and then hopefully he'll have other suggestions. I don't want to turn this into a debate about ADHD drugs. No one knows the stress, heart ache, tears I've shed over this, but I honestly can't not do something that may help Jeremy.

I entered a contest yesterday check the 'Just Not Martha' button on the left side bar. So that button was one entry to win a $25 Gift Certificate from Mountain Rose Herbs. After checking out their site I found a lot of stuff I'd love to try. Seeing as I have allergic skin this is a great contest for me. I'm always afraid that something will make me break out in a rash like I would love to try the Simmons Pure Soap I think that would be good for Jeremy, Bill and I. Mountain Rose Herbs also carries shampoo and conditioner without Sodium Laureth I would probably pick the 'Kathy's Family Shampoo and Conditioner.' Can't leave my face out of things a good facial scrub is a must, and looks like Mountain Rose has one of those too so I'd like to try their Facial Scrub and the Kathy's Family Face & Body Mist only to try something less practical and more on the pampering side. I'd also order some tea tree oil have to make sure to have back up for that. Will be interesting to see who wins the contest.

Stitching News
Worked on Merlin & Arthur last night. Today is the Heaven and Earth Design SAL so I will have my bookmark pulled out to work on.


Patty said...

Stacey, my mom just went through the same thing with a Band-Aid. I'll tell her about the tea tree oil.

Stacey said...

Yeah we use it for a lot of stuff. It's also a natural antiseptic, does help to reduce itching. It's also good on mosquito bites.