Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lazy Sunday?

Wondering if I'll actually have one of those. Laze around and not do much? Settle down watch movies, and stitch for most of the day. Probably not. I'll probably end up cleaning the house, putting laundry away, satisfying what my two men may require. I may be able to get in a 30 min bath take a book with me and just enjoy the relative peace. I'll try to ignore the banging on the door every 5 mins 'MOM ARE YOU DONE YET?' Maybe I could just pretend that I'm at a Spa being Ah no worries DS starts school on Tuesday, and though I hate my job at least I'm not working 8 hours every day so I'll get at least an hour every morning by myself. DH has just started a new job. He still will being doing stuff out in the field, but when he's not in the field he has to drive to and from Edmonton everyday. Trust me there are times he's just as demanding or more demanding than I do love them both I really do lol.

Stitching News
Well I didn't get much done yesterday put in some time on Merlin & Arthur. I'll work on that one again this morning.

I'm looking for the blog that did the stitching question of the day/week so if anyone knows of it could you please let me know?

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