Saturday, September 22, 2007

He Did It !!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I was so excited about this one thing yesterday. During the week Jeremy brought home a note from school that they had to be able to print their birthday month and day by memory. For most children this isn't a big deal, but for a kid with memory problems, and he has one of the longest months to learn to spell September I was thinking oh dear. Well I didn't miss a beat with Jeremy we went right to work. One thing I've found is he needs to experience the material in as many was as possible printing it, visually and auditory. So when he was copying his birthdate I'd also have him say each letter out loud. Then I worked on him just learning how to spell it so I broke it down into three groupings sounds that he'd repeat 'SEP', 'TEM' and 'BER.' That took two days, but on the second day it clicked. Jeremy walked around all morning spelling September. Thursday he'd then say it out loud, and spell it HIMSELF! I didn't have to drill him for hours, and I was actually able to make it a little fun. Not to mention we both kept out So the birthday quiz was yesterday, and he printed his birthdate month and day all by himself.

Stitching News
Well pulled out the dogs, and just couldn't work on them. After hearing about the job interview I just felt blah. This weekend I have some ornies I need to finish that I've had way way way to long.


Retta said...

Wait until it's time to learn to spell Wednesday -lol-

Stacey said...

Oh that will be fun I'm sure.