Wednesday, September 19, 2007

There's a Fairy at My House

I've decided there is a little Fairy at my house. This little Fairy picks up those socks Bill leaves laying around, picks up Jeremy's toys, puts Bills socks and underwear in the laundry basket. Oh wait that little fair would be me lol. The stuff just seems to happen in their world. Magically clean clothes appear, food is made and the house gets clean. Wonder what they would do if I went on strike for a day lol.

So I have to admit I watch reality TV. Yes I do. I love Amazing Race that one is my all time favorite, but I watch some of the others. So last night was the Big Brother finale, and this season had so much Drama with Dick Donato. Of all the years I've been watching reality TV I've never seen someone personally attack so many people. I mean he attacked everything peoples religion, sexual orientation, a single mom, weight, looks he left no stone unturned. And yet, they voted him to win. Now this was the kicker Bill and I had been talking about this before the show aired last night. I told Bill that Dick (aka Evil D) would win. Bill was like no no no way they would award him for being that mean to people. Hey I was right go figure. Mind you it was the best of the worst I guess. I was just thinking if I was there 1) I'd vote for Dick, because he wanted Danielle (his daughter) to get the money 2) yeah he was mean to people, but he would say it right to their faces not behind their backs 3) Danielle would do stuff behind peoples back and let her Dad be the fall guy for her. If your saying wow I can't believe she's blogging about this just remember it's 4:37 am I can't be held responsible for what I write lol.

Stitching News
Got some more done on Merlin and Arthur. Tonight is the HAED stitch a long so I'll be working on my bookmark. Look out for a pic tomorrow.

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