Friday, December 07, 2007

Okay Interesting Exercise

Take a look in your closet, or on your floor, laundry hamper or where ever you stash you The other day I was actually hanging laundry into my closet, and noticed all the colours or should I say lack of colours. There was lots of black, red, maroon, hot pink, some white, and some blue. I then noticed in my living room that my couch and love seat are a deep red, my area rug is mostly black and the carpet is a deep teal (yes our plan is to change the carpet), and the kitchen is mostly White. The new art that we just bought mine is mostly primary colours with lots of black, and Bill's is blue. I thought that was interesting how the colours I like the wear have spilled over to the rest of the house. It has sort of spilled into my stitching as well. I do like strong bold colours. I also find that I grab a lot of blues and purples. So have the colours from your closet spilled over to the rest of your house?

Stitching News
I've done jack squat it seems this week. I need to get my act in gear and get stitching. Some one kick me in the behind to get going.


Rachael said...

I haven't noticed as the clothes in my wardrobe,well none fit me,I know I should get rid,but I hope that one day they will fit!! I tend to wear jeans and most of my tops are dark colours,but we haven't decorated the house to our taste yet!
Right just getting large boots on ready to kick some butt! lol

Stacey said...

woo hoo kick away. just been so tired after getting home from work. i'm sure once the new job gets more familiar i'll be less tired.

Rachael said...

Have you managed any stitching?

Stacey said...

I was going to Wednesday all set up then a call from Bill that he was in Edmonton. He'd been in New Zealand for two weeks for work so I made sure the house was tidy, but Thursday & last night I did.

Christine said...

Hi Stacey, I've popped over from TIF challenge site. Funny you mentioned colour, because I seem to be in purple mode at the moment, perhaps it's an age thing (over 50) I have purple shirts and tops, a purple diary, notebook and document folders in the studio, and even a purple pen that writes in purple ink!! Freud would have a field day with me, LOL. Good luck for the challenge in 2008,
Christine in Sydney Australia