Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Dinner Would Have Been…..

…Well dinner I guess. The best thing I could have said about last night is I wouldn’t have had to cook which is always a good thing in my world. Well turns out that Bill & Jeremy came to pick me up I find out that my err umm lovely sister phoned at about 2:30 pm to say Josh was sick, and then my equally err umm lovely Father, and his wife decided that dinner needs to be cancelled. UM ok. Now this is the couple that sees my sister and nephew at least once a month (usually more), and us about 3 times a year, and that’s me calling them. So a chance of just the 4 of us getting together with Jeremy would have been nice for Jeremy at least. Yeah right. Can’t do dinner if Correy can’t make it. Now if Jeremy were sick I know dinner wouldn’t be cancelled. So no I wasn’t looking forward to last night. My father who only sees me 3 times a year, his wife who is holding a grudge against my Grandmother who is in the Hospital (whole other story), and then my sister on Welfare that is constantly telling us all the stuff my father buys her cell phone, DVD Player, Daycare (for nephew), and then wonders why we don’t have the same things. Um because unlike her I work full-time one income while Bill is in school, and I don’t have anyone else but ME footing the bill thank you very much. Anything we have we worked for, saved for & budgeted for. Words foreign to my sister, and my nephew. Heck my nephew has like an X-Box, and little hand held video games even. So now instead of this horror being over until next year it is looming up in the future like Thursday evening…. sigh. So was I looking forward to last night far from it, but willing to put up with the crap so that Jeremy can have some sort of relationship with my father I sometimes wonder why bother. But I know I’m the bigger person, and on my deathbed I know I would have done the right thing.

~Stitching News~
Got some good work done on my model last night seeing as I didn’t have to go out to dinner that is. I do find I need to take more breaks when working on black. Tires my eyes out more I guess. Tonight I will work on my commissioned UFO piece which I totally enjoy working on.

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Rebecca said...

I feel for you, Babe!! I think a lot of us have family members like that!