Monday, December 06, 2004

Lord Save Me From Perfect Mothers

What a weekend I had. Went on an emotional roller coaster due to Bill, but that’s a whole other story…

Here’s what happened Sunday I took Jeremy out to play. One of the local malls has an excellent play area. We get their lots of kids running around. Off Jeremy goes to play he discovered that one of large play pieces was more than just something to grab and run around. It had 3 animals divided into parts Cat, Bunny & Squirrel. Jeremy figured he could line them all up which he did. Then proudly came over to show me. Just as he did a little girl went over to play with the toy that Jeremy just lined up. He went tearing back, and pushed her. The little girls Mom told him to stop. I was right there, and took him over to me, and gave him a talking to, and instructed him to go say he was sorry. He looks for the little girl, and finds her. Doesn’t get within 10 feet of the little girl when the Mom jumps up runs across the pay area grabs Jeremy, and tells him to stay away. I jump up go over, and say let go of my son he was just coming over to say he was sorry. Jeremy then ignored the little girl the rest of the time we were there, but if during play he even dared to go near that little girl that Mom was right there. What I couldn’t believe was this little girl more than once pushed other kids. Did that Mom do a thing……..NO. I was very happy when they left I must say. What is it with Mom that feel their child does no wrong. They have eyes for only wrong other children are doing, but not for what their child is doing. I’m sorry every child as some point does something hit, bite, push or whatever. It's almost like girls get away with it more than boys, but maybe that's just because I have a boy. This just boils my shorts as I've been experiencing this for like 4 years.

~ Stitching News

Got my first UFO commissioned to stitch, and I’m so excited. I’m actually being paid money to finish it. Stitched models, and got paid in stash which is great, but it’s nice to also get some money.

Started thinking very seriously about dyeing my own floss as a home based business. So I’m in the initial stages of that. The trial, and test period. I have some floss dyed that I’m going to be giving away to get some feedback so I’ll see what happens. You never know there may be The Painted Floss released into the market one day.

Tonight I have to stitch tucks that I messed up on, on the weekend…sigh…lol.

Hope to be much more discplined in keeping this up to

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Rebecca said...

I would have been severly PO'd if some kid's mother would have treated MY child like that! It's one thing to try to protect your child, but for crying out loud, do NOT get onto someone else's child with that kid's mother right there....especially if you don't know them! That's crazy!! I would have been glad they left, too!