Monday, December 13, 2004

Strength? Along With Question Of The Week.

I was at my girlfriends last night for a stitching get together. We try to get together once a week. My girlfriend gave me a little Christmas present (early) that was a coaster that said Strength. She said, because I have more of it than anyone else she knows. I was kind of taken back. Not that I don’t have strength, but at times I feel it is lacking. All last week I was thinking how overwhelming being a woman can be. All the things we are expected to do Mother, Wife, work (in or outside of the house), keep a clean house, cook, be Dr., Teacher, Guidance counselor, Lover on top of that don’t forget to keep your finger, and take time for yourself. I kind of wonder when I’m going to fit it all in so to then get a gift like that I was a little in shock. Thinking wow all that strength she sees in me a lot of that is just a fa├žade, and I guess I’m doing a good job…. sigh.

~Stitching News~
Started a really cute kit last night. With gorgeous silk over dyed floss, but somewhere I miscounted….lol. So it didn’t get much done on it.

~Question of the Week~
Obligation stitching. Yes? No? Maybe?

I’d have to say yes. I currently have one model, and one commission piece. The commissioned piece I’m being paid in cash for, and the model I get paid in stash. I enjoy both as I can increase my stash, and play with new stuff without it making to much of a dent into my pocket book.

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