Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I’m All For Fund Raising, But Not For Something I Pay For!

Jeremy’s Daycare is doing some fundraising in December. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind supporting causes, but fundraising for the Daycare? I already support it. I fork out $500 a month, and this includes food, and Preschool. So yes it’s a good deal, and I understand that. But with Bill in school full-time, and only one income I need a good deal. So now they want us to fundraise for the Daycare. I don’t get it? This is not a not for profit Daycare, because if it was I would assist in fundraising. This is a for profit Daycare. So the way I see it I’d be fundraising so that the lady who owns the Daycare has more money in her pocket. I don’t think so. When asked if I’d be selling pies this year as part of the fundraiser I replied not this year we’ve already decided on our Christmas Charity to donate to. Which I’m sorry a for profit Daycare is not a charity. O.K. vent over….lol.

I was much better this morning the bear was hibernating for the most part. So that is good.

I have my Christmas Party tonight, which means lots of driving. Pick Jeremy up from Daycare drop him off at my Mom’s for a few hours. Go to my party pick him up after, and drive all the way back to Surrey. By myself as Bill will be studying for finals tonight L

~Stitching News~
Woo Hoo got Santa’s Magic along with my first model for . She has some wonderful designs black work along with regular cross-stitch. I can’t wait to get the model back to Sally so that she can put it up on the website. I jumped right in, and started stitching it. The Tuck saga continues…lol…I just need a break from them for a day or so, and seeing as I won’t get any stitching done tonight that will go a long way in helping with that.

I signed up for the TWCOE, and sent out 4 ornaments, but I’ve only got one in return so far. I’m sure most of the delay is due to Customs or Canada Post, but part of me wonders if the ones coming to me were mailed on time. I hope they arrive quickly.

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