Thursday, February 10, 2005


Here I am mid 30’s, and am excited about making new friends. I’ve always loved getting to know new people, and have heard from others it gets harder as you get older. I never really understood that. I understand that as we get older our world can sort of shrink. Ya work, home & family kinda becomes your world *shrugs.* Not that I’m that different, but I’ve still never had a hard time making friends even as I get older. Perfect example is the lovely lady I met off a message board. Crazy but true, it’s a cross-stitch message board so right away we have something in common. Right now we get together once a week stitch, bitch, laugh what have you, and I enjoy it, and her company. Bill thinks it’s great gives him more quite time to study….lol. Jeremy is usually in bed (or close to it) when I leave. Yup I have a great life.

Got another donation today for the draw woo hoo things are looking up just have to get my family donating…lol. Training needs to be kept up, but it’s coming. Please check out link on the right.

Tried working on a model last night. Frogged more than I stitched which is discouraging. Going to do a mental health-stitching day & work on a RR piece…sigh.

As for the modelstitching message board I need to contact Loretta today & see what’s going on. With MSN Down (AGAIN) this is difficult to do. I’m already thinking of forums, possible moderators etc. I hope to do a good job, and have a message board that attracts both designers & model stitchers give a little Hitler a run for her money….lol.


Vicki said...

Just passing through...I am also a cross stitcher :)

Stacey said...

Thanks for looking Vicki.