Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh Happy Day

I got a call back from the job I interviewed at last week. Woo hoo. I was at work all day so I didn't get the message until like 5pm last night. I don't know exactly why she called me back as she just asked me to call her at my earliest convenience. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's good news. Oh I so hope they offer me the job. Yeah ok it's full-time, but it's more what my back ground is. Not to mention it's close enough that I could walk to work. I'm going to give her a call this morning before I have to run out to the bank. Oh good thoughts please my less than ten

Stitching News
Well Tuesday I was out all night, last night I was recovering from tonight I'll be working on a model. Woo hoo.


Rachael said...

My finger's are crossed for you ,and so are my toes lol

Emily said...

Good luck with it!! :)

Stacey said...

Well turns out they liked me. I got offered the job woo hoo. Start Dec 3 more money, closer to home, I'll be able to walk to work. Exactly what my background is in. I'm pretty pleased. The only sad part is I have to give my notice I may have not liked the job, but I really liked most of the people I worked with.