Sunday, November 25, 2007

Michael Godard Meets Wayne Gretzky

Yeah long post read if you dare ;)

Well the great shopping spree of 2007 has come and gone. Seems like once a year Bill and I spend a whack load of cash. Okay not every year, but last year we did when we bought the couch and love seat. So yesterday we head out, and I was totally not thinking I'd see any coffee tables that I'd like I found four that would work (darn), and one that I really liked (double darn). So we are heading back to Edmonton today, and when we do we will grab that coffee table. So the BIG spending spree Bill has always admired Wayne Gretzky, and for years has been looking at memorabilia collector pieces. So yesterday we were in an Art store just looking around. They had two pieces that Bill was really interested in 1) was a Gretzky photo on canvas & he's holding the Stanley Cup and 2) was an Oilers Gretzky Jersey framed. Both signed by the Great One himself....hehehehehe. So the guys working at the store can tell that Bill likes them so they start the barter dance. I hate the barter dance I find it dull, boring and a waste of my time, but whatever. Finally Bill comes up and says he could have both for price X I say okay if you want them go for it. He's like huh? You want them get them. For what he was getting the price didn't seem bad. What Bill didn't know is I had been searching stuff on Google for Christmas.....hehehehehehe. So he's still debating when he sees me looking at the Michael Godard's, and asks which one I'd pick. I said well the Hockey one. He's like yeah the Hockey one? Yup that one. Bill then points out that how they have it framed it wouldn't fit where we would put it. I said I know but that's my favorite my second favorite is the Lava Lounge. Next thing I know Bill turns around, and asks if we can get the Hockey one any where else in the Mall. Nope, but they might have one in their stock room unopened in the smaller black frame. Bill told them to go get it. He then turns to me kisses my neck and says Merry Christmas. I was like no way. Okay then. So they bring up my canvas, and Bill pays. Now the other exciting thing is Michael Godard is coming to West Edmonton Mall on Dec 8th. This Art Gallery is having a by invitation only party that evening. Get who scored an invitation ME. Yup I'm going it's the same night as Bill's Christmas Party, and both are held at the West Edmonton Mall so I'm going to be a partying fool, okay probably by myself but that's okay.

Now for the drama. So I look over all three pieces very carefully. We then say okay we are going for lunch then we have to get a truck and we'll be back. When we left the store all three were out of the boxes. We come back with a truck. All three pieces are now boxed up. The two Gretzky pieces are put in a box the one with the jersey has plexiglass on it the canvas one is wrapped and in a box. Mine the Godard looks like it is just wrapped in cardboard and tape over the ends. Bill asks if they packed that one good enough, and they are like oh yeah it's fine. So we take them and leave. Pack them carefully in the truck and drive home. We get home get in the house, and we unpack Gretzky holding the cup and hang it in the living room. It's actually a really nice piece, and looks great on the canvas. We then unpack mine, and before we get the cardboard off I say what the hell is that? Just along the bottom just off center is about a 6 inch very thin but very noticeable cut or crack in the canvas. I was like UG. Here Bill does this really nice thing to get me something he knows I'd really like and enjoy for years, and we get it home, and it's damaged. First he called the store back, but the staff we were dealing with were gone for the day. Next he called VISA, but we don't have purchase insurance on our card. So we are heading back to their store today with it. I keep going over in my mind was it something we could have done, but no. For someone to have cut it like that while it was boxed the cardboard would have to have been damaged, but the cardboard is in perfect condition. I don't know. I'm not even sure what the store will do if anything. I know what I'd like them to do as I don't believe the piece was damaged in our possession. The other two are fine. I think something happened when they were packaging it up. That will teach me not to leave while they package my sutff up ever again.


Rachael said...

That sucks,Make sure you don't let them get away with trying to say it wasn't them...even ask to see the store CCTV of them doing the packaging that will make them think twice!!

Stacey said...

Well it turned out better than I could have thought. We were dealing with the owner when we bought them & brought them back which we didn't know until yesterday. He didn't even glance at the damaged one just said no problem we will get you a new one as fast as we can. So this week if another of their stores in the area have one or two weeks if they have to order one in. Or I could have picked an entirely different one of the same price point. I want my favorite one so I'll wait a little if I have to. I was very impressed with how it was handled.