Tuesday, November 20, 2007

From Walking To Striding

Well Jeremy had his second week of Hockey. It's amazing what two weeks, and seven hours of Public Skating can accomplish. Ok he's not a skating genius out there now, but he's doing a heck of a lot more than just marching feet on the ice now....lol. Bill had a week where he didn't have to go into the office so every day after school he took Jeremy to the ice rink to practice. Our Rink offers free public skating every day so we have been taking advantage of that. It has totally paid off. Jeremy actually touched the puck last night, and even had a shot on goal. I do plan on going to the rink today to see about Power Skating Lessons. I have to say I'm very impressed with Jeremy's no give up attitude.

Stitching News
Well I got the next round in the UFO RR it's Chatelaine's Mystery VIII. Will be interesting to stitch as I've been considering a Chatelaine. Well the new blog is all created I just need to start posting....lol. I hope to get something in there today. Trying to figure out how I want to organize everything....lol. Oh what fun.

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Stephy said...

Oh that's cool!
You need to take pics! LOL!
Little kids playing hockey is Oh so cute!