Friday, November 02, 2007

My Brain is Just Spinning

So I'm the balancing teller this week at work, and WOW is my brain just spinning. It's not something I'm used to doing every day to begin with not to mention it has just been a crazy busy week at the bank. So I can't like put my sign up at 10 mins to closing to start counting as we still have a huge line. So my brain is just spinning at the end of the day. I'm doing great at counting all the money it's the entries I'm missing. All the debits or credits to the different GL's. If I either remembered to do those or did them correctly the first time I'd be balanced first go each night.

Stitching News
Stitching this week nothing. It's calling to Saying Stacey PLEASE WORK ON US WE MISS YOU. I'm just mentally spent at the end of the day that picking it up would probably push me over the edge. I of course only have projects on the go that are large, and require lots of my attention and colour changes. I should have a smaller thing on the go with large blocks of colour for times like this.


Emily said...

Blocks of color can be soothing when you are exhausted.

Stacey said...

Well the model is all one colour, but it's a model & seeing as it HAS to be perfect I don't like working on it when I'm that tired ;)