Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Easy Come Easy Go

Easy come easy go....lo Bill flew home Saturday to turn around and fly back well Today. We knew he'd have to go back I was hoping we'd get a couple of extra days out of it, but he got the call yesterday that they are leaving today to fly back to New Zealand to do the job they were to have done the first time they were there. Well at least he didn't have to go into the office yesterday so that's good. He hung out at the house, shoveled the back deck and walk way, picked up Jeremy from school and even took him skating.

Hey good news I have a job interview today with City Hall woo hoo. It's for Accounting Assistant. I'm so excited. Go me. So at 3pm today I'll be in there hopefully making them see how valuable I

Stitching News
This part of my blog has been very boring lately. I think Jeremy and I are going to be going to Edmon to get the stuff to make a wreath for Christmas. I'll need a grape vine wreath, feather boa white, and then I'm not sure what else to use. I was thinking small Christmas ornies, and then what well my mind is thinking of either fake poinsettias or some sort of star garland.

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Emily said...

Good luck on your interview! :)