Thursday, November 08, 2007

Now That's What A Small Town Is About

So I have the Bank Gala next week. It's like the Oscars for our bank. All the branches in our region will be in Red Deer celebrating. People and branches will be voted for best of the best. We jump on a bus about 3pm and head to Red Deer. I'm bordering on excitment about this event. What I'm excited about is the dressing up part I actually really like dressing up. I'm getting my hair done, I have new slacks, I'm buying high heels wich will make me at 5'9" an actual amazon woman, and I'm still looking for a sparkly swanky top. Just had a brain storm if I can't find what I want I may have to buy a tank, and emblish it with sequins and such. The party starts on the bus on the ride down. Well even though I have been planning to go part of me was wondering if it would actually work out. With Bill working out of town a lot makes it hard to do some things. We have no family here in Alberta, and I have very few friends in town. Only last month did I actually find baby sitters. They are daughters of the Libriaian at Jeremy's school. So just to be on the safe side I called today to see if they could baby sit next Tuesday. I had to leave a message, but when I called back their Mom said she had good news, and bad news. The girls are working Tuesday, but she has no problem taking Jeremy home with her after school, then to watch her son play Volley Ball, she'll give him dinner, bring him back here to bed and stay here until I get home. Wow I could have almost started crying when she said that. Okay granted she has a fondness for Jeremy, but still. To me that is what living in a small town is about going out of your way to help each other. Now there is a chance Bill will still be in town, and Jeremy will just be home with Dad, but to know if I needed that help she's there to help. That means so much espcially as both our families are back in BC.

Stitching News

I did jack squat Watched a funny movie with Bill instead. Oh well.

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