Saturday, November 10, 2007

Two Minutes and Four Hair Pins

So Thursday I got my hair trimmed. I hadn't had it trimmed since August, and it was starting to look a little scraggly. I go to Jason a great guy in town here, and he just opened his own Salon. I love getting my hair done. Doesn't matter what is getting done to it, but I love it. I think, because for that 40 mins to an hour it is all about me. I don't go for massages, or manicures or anything like that. I do get my eyebrows waxed, but that's not considered a treat in my Anything that hurts isn't a treat, but if I didn't get my eyebrows done then I look pretty scary. Jason always treats me like I'm a Queen when he sees me. I started going to him when he was at a different Salon, and followed him when he opened his own. He takes my coat off for me, and hangs it up, tells my how gorgeous I look (I just got off working at the bank all day I know it's a lie but whatever), he has the other girl make me a Latte, and then he starts washing my hair. OMG that is almost better than sex having someone wash my hair. My hair is thick, heavy and I have a lot of it. Jason is one of those stylists that massages the scalp, and hits all the acupressure points that feel so good the temples for example. So he gets me in his chair, and asks what I want. I said first off I'm not blow drying it straight any more. The wave in my hair is getting stronger it seems by the day, and I'm using the diffuser scrunching it, and letting it go wavy. Why fight nature. So I swear he cuts off 3 inches from the bottom, adds in a bunch more layers than before. But so cool, not straight across layers he cuts in the layers, and then makes the layer edges jagged for lack of a better word. I already have Jason booked to do my hair Tuesday morning for this work Gala thing, and so we start talking about that. My only rule is I want it to look soft, and I don't want to look like a bride. So Jason gets my hair all wavy and dry then walks away, and comes back with 4 hair pins. You know the black straight ones. Grabs a few sections of hair pulls it to the top of my head, and puts the pins in. OMG it looked fabulous. He's going to do something like that on Tuesday morning. I get home, and Bill looks at it thought the partial up do looked good. He's like why does Jason have to do it Tuesday morning? Can't you do that yourself. I'm like yeah it would take me 16 hair pins, and 3 hours and it still wouldn't look half as good at That's why Jason is the stylist, and I'm a Bank

Stitching News
Again I did jack squat. I do have something crafty I have to do this weekend. I couldn't find the right top for this Gala thing. I've been looking for awhile. It finally dawned on me that I had seen lots of basic black tops that I liked they just didn't have anything special about them. So I got one at WalMart walked over to the fabric Department, and started looking at trims and such. I did find a black sparkly trim that I like, and a dragon fly. I'm doing to stitch the trim just from the shoulder seam down the front along the neck line. That's a dragon fly key ring I'm debating if I should take the charm off the keyring, and stitch it on the left shoulder area. Might be a splash of colour as everything else I'm wearing will be black. We are also going to Michaels today so I'll look in the bead section for something else I could use. I have a really pretty sheer wrap to wear with the top so I want the top to just be elegant. This is what everything looks like now. I will post another pic when I'm done stitching the trim onto the top.

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