Thursday, November 08, 2007

Look Deep Into My Eyes You Love Me

Look deep into my eyes I know you love and want me. That's what I wanted to say to three people at my interview at City Hall yesterday. It was one of those interviews by committee. I can't stand those ones. So unlike a one on one interview where you just have to impress one person yesterday I had to impress three people. I then get home, and Bill is asking like how did it go? Well what do you say to that question. I think it went well, but my opinion doesn't count. I answered the questions to the best of my ability, and was honest. These things are so subjective did they like me? Did I make good eye contact? Enough eye contact? Did they like what I was wearing? The list goes on and on. They did ask for references so that is a good sign. I will know next week, but they just don't understand I want this The position is for a one year maternity leave which fine I can deal with that. Job would be the receptionist for the entire City Hall, and then directing people as to where to go when they come in. I can do that. I have done that Reception/Admin is my back ground.

So here we rushed around the other day getting stuff ready as Bill was to have been flying out yesterday, and they are still having problems on the rig. So now it's pushed back until maybe Monday. Pretty much anytime between now and Monday he could get the call as to when he's leaving. One has to want his job two weeks in New Zealand where he didn't do any actual work just a four day course where he got to play in the pool as it was a Helicopter escape course. Basically what to do if a Helicopter crashes. The rest of the time they went bowling, drank beer, and drove around parts of New Zealand. So he then flies home and informs me he may not have to go into the office as he just came back from an international job. Um you mean a paid vacation. So he goes in for half a day Monday and they send him home for most of the week. Like wish my job was that Okay granted when they are working they work pretty hard, but still. Down side is if he doesn't fly out tomorrow they may have to send him on a Domestic job, and then he'd be flying to New Zealand.

Stitching News
More work on the model. That's about it.

I was thinking of those feather wreaths a lot yesterday. Even searched for some pics on a craft board. I saw one that was black boas and sparkly balls. It looked very swanky, but also thought it was missing something. I can't wait to get the stuff to make one. I wanted to do that this weekend like Saturday go to Edmonton, but not sure if Bill would be interested.


Rachael said...

Fingers are crossed for you!!

Stacey said...

Thanks. This job would be so better for so many reasons. Hours always the same, no more late Friday's, more hours = more money, and it's closer to my house as long as the weather is decent I'll be able to walk to work.