Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Feel Pretty Oh So Pretty

Well okay not me per say, but my blog sure does feel pretty!!!! Doesn't it look nice? Loretta Loretta's Blog was nice enough to do it for me. Her rates are great $30, and I feel like a new woman. Well a new blogging woman that is....lol.

So Jeremy had his first night of Hockey last night. Oh what good Canadians we are our kid plays hockey, Bill plays hockey. Actually now that I come to think of it there's not a man in my family that at some point hasn't played hockey, and all us kids know how to skate. I did figure skating for years. Okay I'm off topic here. Jeremy's skating isn't as strong as it could be so he was the weakest skater out there last night, but omg did he try his little heart out. By the end he was almost getting some speed going....lol. So Jeremy and I are going to be getting some practice skating in. I promised him that as his skating gets better so will his Hockey. I have to hand it to the little bugger he spent more time on his behind than standing/skating it seems yet he didn't give up, he didn't try to get off the ice, and when we asked him if he had fun he said YES. Okay do you want to come next week, and he's like YES. Mom we just need to practice my skating. Okay kiddo is your bum sore. Yeah a little. There's this one I can only call him a brat that has been sorta picking on Jeremy. He slapped Jeremy across the face in the Summer at one of the Day Camps so brat isn't a to strong of a word for him. I got the school involved as this Brayden was making school miserable for Jeremy where he just wouldn't want to go. We I think Brayden has just given up, and they just don't talk now which is fine by me. Well this little brat is at hockey last night. I guess he was taunting Jeremy. 'Jeremy is so slow he can't even score a goal.' Poor kiddo. So I was trying to come up with something Jeremy could say back that wouldn't be totally mean. The best I could come up with was just tell him not to talk to you. If it continues I'll have to talk to Brayden's Dad, but right now I'm going to just wait and see what happens. I WANT to tell Jeremy well just call him a cry baby as Brayden cries in class a lot I guess if he doesn't understand the work being done. But I'm an adult, and two wrongs don't make a right.....dang maturity anyways...lol.

Stitching News
Just a few stitches on the model that's about it. Nothing overly exciting.

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