Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Not You It's Me

Well the good news is I got the job with the city yesterday. It's offical and everything I went in, and signed papers. I can't believe the pay difference right now I make like $13.50/hour at a bank where there is a lot more to know, a lot more to learn (we have to take classes etc), and a lot of stress/pressure. For the city I'll START at $17.50/hour, and after probation I'll go up to $18.50/hour. Not as much to learn I'll be answering the phones, first contact to the public, and selling Dog Licenses. I'm not saying it's not an important position that first contact always is. I'm pretty excited about this new job I start on Dec 3. This means I have to give my notice at the Bank which I'm feeling a little uneasy about as I like MOST of the people I work with there. Our Manager is brand new to that position. Now I know these things are not my problem, but like I said I like these people. I will go in a few mins early, and drop the bomb so to speak. Can't I just send Bill to do it for I always get that uneasy feeling like when you have to break up with someone it's not you it's I know this is a much better situation for me that I'm going to less stress and more money. It's also more hours like double the hours not sure how I feel about that, but I'll make it work. I'm just glad that someone in this clickly town gave me a chance.

Stitching News
I decided that I was bound and determined to learn the reversible stitch for blackwork. Imagine my surprise to find out how simple it is. I found that I had to keep really close attention to what I was doing when I tried it, but it does work. Not sure I'll do the rest of the model reversible as she doesn't require it stitched reversible, and right now doing the backstitching stitch works for me, and is faster. I will try the reversible stitch at points I'm sure.

Ok I have an idea for a stitchy blog. A blog that is about finishing, and has links on how to finish for example a flat fold or a biscornu. Not sure how popular it would be, but I'm always looking for neat new ways to finish ornies and other stuff. Going to have to give this some thought.

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Stephy said...

That's Awesome about the new job hun!
How great!!! Congrats!!!