Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Don't Want A Coffee Table

Okay so I just found out this past week that my in laws are heading out to Saskatchewan for Christmas. Now to get TO Saskatchewan one must drive through Alberta. So this year we are deemed worthy enough for them to stop and spend a few days with. Not sure why this year they feel the need they didn't last year, and I was fine with that really. So anyways last year for Christmas Bill, and I bought some really nice leather furniture a couch and a love seat. We knew we were going to be buying furniture and had been looking for a long time as these are not small ticket items and wanted something we liked. So now we have a deep red leather couch and love seat, we bought an area rug, and have one picture along with our stereo in the living room. So yeah the living room is a little bare. We watch TV and such downstairs. So Bill was complaining that we don't have a coffee table. OMG we've been looking forever for the right coffee table. It has to be large enough as the room is large, and so is the furniture so it has to be the right scale. It also has to be the right style right now our stuff has a rustic yet classy feel to it. Think high end hunting lodge definitely NOT country kitchen. You'd think that would be pretty easy big piece of wood coffee table, but nope not easy they are either to country looking, or to small. Not to mention the price tag. I can't justify giving $800 for a small table. That's more than what we paid for our kitchen table and chairs. So now Bill wants to go out and look for a coffee table and more art for the living room. I don't want to just buy stuff so that he can impress his parents. We've lived almost a year without a coffee table up there and it hasn't hurt us. Now we HAVE to seriously look today. Um okay I have been seriously looking for a year. I want something I like, I want something different, I don't want to spend a fortune and I want something that matches the picture and furniture already there. Not to mention I don't want to feel I have to buy something just because Bill's Dad and Crazy Lady are going to spend a couple of days with us.

As far as art goes I know what I want. I want two
Michael Godard's yeah I don't dream big, but I love his stuff. It's so bright, colourful and funny. Here's my favorite:

We Olive To Hockey


Rachael said...

Stick too your guns,don't buy just to impress them It's you that has to live in your house!!

Stacey said...

I totally agree with you. The sad part is I did find a coffee table that I like. I think we are going back today to get it. We did buy some stuff at an art store, but one piece we have to take back. I'm pretty annoyed about that.