Thursday, November 29, 2007

Long Day

Wow it's been a long day worked all day then home, do dinner, tidy up, grab some stuff to try and finish a Christmas Ornie. It didn't turn out perfect, but I think it should turn out ok. I also hope to get some stitching done on the model. Got an email from a friend. They lost a civil case so had to pay some money to the court, and then the court gives it to the other paty in 30 days. Well the guy that sued my friend is harassing my friend. It's within the 30 days so he's thinking he's not going to get his money, and went out and slashed my friends tires. Nice huh. Okay enough boring


Rachael said...

I hope your friend is ok!

Stephy said...

Wow Crazy!!!
Can't your friend do something about that?

Stacey said...

Yeah me too. Steph that's my friend Frank in Cali I've told you about him. He has reported it to the Police, and the Police have told him to call ANY time. I haven't heard back from him yesterday so I'm worried. I'm sure he's fine, but still worried. Oh our plight as women.