Friday, November 23, 2007

It's Some What Depressing

Ok do you ever just scan though your blog just checking things out. I do so once in awhile just to make sure that everything looks in order. That colours still work in older posts since I've updated the blog that sort of thing. Well I did so today, and wow the number of zeros in the comment section is almost depressing. No wonder I start bouncing off my chair when I actually get one....roflmao.

Stitching News
Model coming along nicely. Almost ready to start a new page. I'm over half way. Can't wait about a week and then I can show it off to the world.


Rachael said...

Sorry I do read your blog,but because we chat on the board I forget about leaving you a nice comment on here...Can't wait to see your Model. :0)

Stacey said...

lol that's ok :)

Stephy said...

This blog does not allow anonymous comments.

So I had to make an account LOL
And I soo hear ya on that!!!

Stacey said...

Well I fixed that now anyone can comment.