Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Zero to Ten and I'm Stressed

Well Jeremy came home yesterday with a bunch of homework yesterday. To me it seemed like a lot. He had 5 spelling words to review for a quiz Friday. Those we got. His reading to practice which we did. Plus he has a quiz Wednesday where he has to be able to spell zero to ten. So that we started to go over, and I can get him to spell zero to three. Printed out he can recognize them. There there is the October homework starting on the sight words. That I didn't even look at yet. So I wonder why the Teacher only gives like two days notice for the number test. Jeremy has to be able to read them, write them, and make up groups five of this, or four of that. The only part I think he'll have a difficult time with will be the spelling of the numbers. I guess I just need to not totally stress out about it, and do what I can. I still have today, and tomorrow morning to get as much as I can into his brain. I just don't know sometimes I'm like wondering what the heck am I doing floundering around trying to help this little boy understand and get things. Last year I didn't care for Jeremy's teachers, but I felt they were always there for me ready to talk with me any time about anything. This year I like Jeremy's teacher, but she seems much less ready, willing and able to just go over things. Now this may be, because the couple times I went to talk to her I may have interrupted what she was doing. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. A good thing they seem to have a Teaching Assistant in the classroom now. I'm very pleased with that. She's not there strictly for Jeremy, but she's an extra body to help out.

Stitching News
Well I got like jack squat done yesterday. Had Needle Guardian out got a little of back stitching done. Pulled out Merlin and Arthur, and got nothing done on that. Oh well today is another day.


Emily said...

Your guardian is really nice! Don't feel bad about a slow stitching day, we all have those!! :)

Stacey said...

Nah I don't feel bad about them I, but when I have them I look at my evening & go huh what did I get done NOTHING. When the stitching flows so does everything else like housework for some odd reason.