Monday, October 08, 2007

When I Feel Down

Not sure what it is about me, but sometimes I get that down and blue feeling. I've been having this feeling the last week or so. Should I go so the Dr. about it possibly, but I'm afraid they will just give me pills. It's not like I feel like that all the time, and often linked to PMS so I'm sure the two go hand in hand. Anyways one great way I find of getting out of that feeling is goofing around and playing with Jeremy and Bill. That often can snap me right out of it. Getting some exercise even just a walk around the block get those natural endorphins running through my body. Another is shopping. Ahhh you are thinking typical woman shopping. I don't go shopping for me. What I love to do is plan little surprises for friends. Last week I bought the 2007 Ornament Magazine for not only myself, but also for my friend Loretta. Okay the surprise back fired as the company I ordered them from sent BOTH to Loretta so she got hers plus mine with my name on So there goes that surprise, but it's the thought that counts right. Keeping my fingers crossed that my copy of that magazine gets here soon. Yesterday I was looking around cafepress, and found loads of mugs for people who are interested in fishing. Now I have a good friend that lives in California who loves fishing, and dreams to one day be a Fishing Guide full-time. So this morning I'm going to select one for him and get it sent to him. Oh he'll be slightly annoyed with me as he doesn't like it when I do stuff like that. Probably the reason I still do.

Stitching News
Well woo hoo SAL (stitch a longs) actually work. So after 8 years, one North American UFO RR, a tab bit of cursing Wind Swept Santa is finally done. Here he is in all his glory. wind swept santa oct 7-07 I almost can't believe he's actually done. He was my oldest UFO, and at times a PITA. He was stitched on 14 count aida, Gold Collection Dimension Kit designed by Peggy Abrams. The trim of the toy bag has gold beads, and a french knot garland, there are a scattering of white french knots all over him (I think that is to represent snow flakes, the green garland that he is wearing has red and yellow french knots as well as gold beads. I'm going to try to get some good close up pics of some of the detail. Heck I worked that hard I'm going to show it off so bear with me lol.

Ok here is close up details of Wind Swept Santa:

This pic is a close up of his scarf, and belt. I was to have made tassels for the end of the belt, but I didn't even want to try that so I just stitched bells that matched the ones at the end of his staff.
close up of scarf and belt

Note all the french knots in this pic lol. Why he's holding branches from a tree is beyond me lol.
close up of tree branch

Lastly this is a close up of the trim of Santa's toy bag. What didn't come out very clear is on each bell is a gold bead, again note all the french
close up of trim on toy bag

Okay I'm sure I've bored everyone enough. Thanks for looking.


Emily said...

Grats on that finish! It looks really good. Must be a relief to have it out of the way after so long. :)

Stacey said...

Oh yeah a huge relief. Not sure how I'm going to finish him. Was going to do a quilted wall hanging, but Bill broke my sewing machine last

Hazel said...

Brilliant finish - just in time for Christmas. xx

Stacey said...

Yes now I just have to finish him off to display at christmas.

Rachael said...

Lovely Finish!!
I know what you mean about the PMS,when I near my monthlies,I really feel down and tearful,I have kept away from the doctors as they just say I need anti-depressants.But I refuse! I am still looking for an alternative,but I do find that stitching takes my mind off it!
Hope you are feeling more happier soon.{hugs}

Stacey said...

Thanks Rachel. Yeah that's why I'm avoiding the Dr.'s too.