Monday, October 01, 2007

Writers Block Can't Stand It

I don't have a clue what to bore you guys with today. Bill got called out on a job for yesterday, and there's a good chance he won't be home today. I spent last night stitching, and playing with the Satellite Dish that they finally got working. Honestly other than watching 'We Are Marshall' (which imho I found to be just an average movie) I didn't find anything that exciting about Bell ExpressVu. Not to mention I still haven't found the channel TBS grrrrr. Got groceries, did laundry yesterday and the brat from down the street was over yesterday. Yeah he's only five, but I don't care he's a little brat. At least at my place I have some sort of control over what is going on. This kid will hear me say 'no' about something, and then he'll start whispering to Jeremy 'ok go ask your mom again, but ask like this.' Now I just call him on it hey no need to whisper I can hear you, and the answer is still no. Now I thought Jeremy doesn't listen, but this kid could give no listening classes. I've had it if he doesn't listen he's going home end of story. The sad part is I can't even count on his Mom. Both our husbands are in the same industry, and work out of town a lot. One day Jeremy was over playing, and I phoned to see if he was there she said they had gone to the Park. I said ok no problem when they get back please just send Jeremy home. Well two hours later Jeremy not home I walk down to their place, and low and behold they are in the back yard of the brat's house playing. I knock on the door, and she's like oh I was to send Jeremy home wasn't I? Um yup. So I don't even call anymore I just walk down there. You know want something done right, and all that crap. Like Saturday I invited the brat to Jeremy's Birthday Party, because I didn't want to look like the bitch. Okay who are we kidding I am a bitch, but I don't need to prove it to everyone else ;). This little brat doesn't show up until like 2pm. That's when the Birthday Party was over the other kids were leaving. Whatever Jeremy and the late arrival played for about an hour. I mean the nasty part of me is thinking yeah you guys were either to cheap or to lazy to get off your behinds to go buy a Birthday Present. Oh also had to talk to mil (mother in law) yesterday. I swear that woman is a complete idiot, once she says hello she has told you everything she knows. I got off the phone quickly blaming it on my cold which I do have. Ok enough complaining

Stitching News
Got some work done on Needle Guardian by Teresa Wentzler stitched on 28 count fabbie from Silkweaver, and if Bill isn't home tonight then I'll work on it tonight too.

Needle Guardian

I saw on webshots they have a slide show option I'll have to look into that might be interesting to have a slide show of stuff I have actually finished on here.

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